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Non Light Up Short Handle Cheer Pom poms Purple


🎉 Economy-Friendly Purchase: Dive into the world of cheering with our Economy Purple Pom Poms, designed to be light on the wallet yet heavy on fun and team spirit.

💜 Vibrant Purple Hue: Exuding an opulent shade of purple, these pom poms are crafted to stand out, ensuring you and your team stay in the spotlight at every event.

🙅‍♀️ No Batteries Required: Forget the hassle of charging or replacing batteries. These non-light up pom poms are ready to go whenever you are, offering uninterrupted fun!

🖐️ Comfortable Grip: Fitted with a white handle measuring 1.5 x 4 inches, they ensure a firm grip, letting you wave and cheer without any mishaps.

💡 Not Just Pom Poms: While Ursula shines in her non-light up glory, her cousin, the Light Horns, can add a red and blue blinking flair to your cheering kit!

🕺 Ideal Dimensions: With fibers spanning 11.5 inches, these pom poms have the perfect length, ensuring you get the right amount of swish and flutter as you cheer.

⚖️ Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 0.118 lbs, they are easy to carry, allowing for energetic routines without tiring your arms.

🎊 Family-Friendly Fun: Suitable for all ages, these pom poms guarantee a fantastic time, whether you’re cheering at a game or just having a fun family event.

🤹 Opaque-Colored Strands: Crafted with attention to detail, the strands have a lovely opaque finish, adding depth and charm to every cheer.

🌐 Versatile Usage: From school sports events to community gatherings, these pom poms serve as the ideal cheering accessory for various occasions.

Quantity Price
1-2 $1.19
3-5 $1.17
6-8 $1.14
9-11 $1.12
12-71 $1.09
72-143 $1.07
144-287 $1.04
288-575 $1.02
576+ $0.99
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📣 Hey there! It’s me, Ursula the Non-Light Up Purple Pom Pom! 🎉

Have you ever wanted to cheer on your favorite team without all that flashy light-up stuff? Well, lucky you, because I’m here, and I’m all natural baby! No batteries, no fuss, just good ol’ Economy Purple Pom Poms fun. 😜

Sure, I might not light up, but I’ve got personality! Made with opaque-colored strands that shimmer in the daylight, I’m the best cheer partner you’ll ever need. 🕺

Whether you’re at a game or just dancing in your living room, I’m your guy. At a weight of 0.118 lbs, I’m lightweight and easy to twirl. And guess what? No pesky batteries needed for this pom pom. Just pure, unadulterated cheerleading fun! 🙌

Dimensions? My fabulous fibers stretch out to 11.5″ and my trusty white handle measures 1.5″ x 4″. Perfect size for all those high-energy cheers. 💃

Wait! There’s more! Did someone say horns? Though I might be the star of the show, my cousin Light Horns will definitely add some blink to your party. With a simple pull tab and slide switch, they blink red and blue, making them the perfect sidekick to my Non-Light Up goodness! 🎈

So next time you’re looking for the perfect accessory for fun family events or cheer team accessories, remember Ursula the Pom Pom. A sprinkle of purple, a dash of cheer, and a whole lot of personality. Raise me up, wave me around, and let’s have a blast together! 🥳🎊🎉

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