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Medieval Axe Toy with Spinning Lights and Sound Effects


  • 🪓 Medieval Marvel: Dive deep into the realm of knights and nobles with our Medieval Axe Toy. Perfectly designed for enthusiasts, it’s a blend of history and modern light technology.
  • 🌈 Luminous LED Display: Adorned with a vibrant mix of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, Bazingga ensures every swing is a radiant spectacle, lighting up the surroundings.
  • 🔄 Spin & Shine: The spinning lights on this toy axe aren’t just any lights. They’re the kind that makes you feel you’re holding a mini galaxy, swirling with stars and colors.
  • 🎶 Sounds of Battle: With each press, Bazingga erupts with riveting battle sounds, transporting you straight to the heart of medieval warfare and Viking skirmishes.
  • 🎉 Party Essential: Whether it’s a Halloween bash, a medieval-themed birthday, or just a get-together, Bazingga promises to be the star attraction, casting its LED magic everywhere.
  • ⚔️ Viking Valor: Channel your inner Viking warrior with Bazingga by your side. Not just a toy, it’s a symbol of valor, bravery, and luminous awesomeness!
  • 🎭 Cosplay Companion: Enhance your medieval cosplay or Viking outfit. Bazingga doesn’t just fit in; it stands out, making every ensemble memorable.
  • 🔋 Effortless Activation: Powering up Bazingga is a breeze. Simply remove the pull tab, press the handle button, and watch it come alive. Plus, with replaceable AA batteries, the fun never ends.
  • 💡 Energy Efficient: Bazingga cares about the environment. Remove your thumb to power off, helping conserve those precious batteries and ensuring more fun times ahead.
  • 🖐 Ergonomic Design: Weighing a mere 0.68 lbs and sized at 18″ x 6.75″, Bazingga is crafted for hands of all sizes, promising comfort with every swing.
Quantity Price
1-2 $6.99
3-5 $6.94
6-8 $6.89
9-11 $6.84
12-47 $6.79
48-95 $6.69
96-239 $6.59
240-479 $6.29
480+ $5.99

Hey, folks! It’s me, Bazingga, your friendly neighborhood Medieval Axe! 🪓✨

Forget the boring old tools of yore, I’m here to light up your world, and with a twist – literally! With LEDs that spin, I ain’t just an axe; I’m a disco in your hands! Red, green, blue – I’ve got ’em all. 🚦🎉

Sure, you could use me at Halloween, but why limit ourselves? With my snazzy looks, I’m ready for every party, battle reenactment, and heck, even when you’re having a bad hair day and need something fierce to complement that untamed mane. 🦁🥳

I’m not just about the visuals, though. Hit my handle’s button, and I’ll serenade you with the sounds of battle. Ever heard a Viking singing in the shower? Well, that’s pretty much how I sound. Think of it as a concert from the past, just for you. 🎤🎶

Oh, and speaking of my handle, it’s ergonomic, meaning not only am I the coolest axe around, but I’m also comfy to hold. Weighing in at just 0.68 lbs and stretching out to 18″ x 6.75″, I’m the perfect fit for warriors of all ages. 🕺💪

Now, let’s talk battery life. I get my energy from three AA batteries. When you’re done showing me off, just take your thumb off my button. That way, I can conserve energy and be ready to dazzle the next time you need me. 🔄🔋

So, if you’re ready for some ferocious fun, killer costumes, and an epic Light Viking experience, look no further. Bazingga is here, and I promise, with me by your side, every day is a legendary battle worth celebrating! ⚔️❤️🎈