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Masquerade Gold Unlit Metallic Mask Mardi Gras


Batteries: None Required
Dimensions: 7.25″ x 3.25″; One size fits most
Light-Up: No
Printable: Yes


Quantity Price
1-2 $1.89
3-5 $1.87
6-8 $1.84
9-11 $1.82
12-71 $1.79
72-143 $1.77
144-287 $1.74
288-575 $1.69
576+ $1.64 presents the “Recuerdo” collection – a ready to wear metallic and futuristic mask exuding the kind of confidence that only you could possess.

Arrive in an amusing and fanciful disguise to your next party. Conceal your persona to make it interesting and enigmatic with the help of our Masquerade Gold Non-Light Up Metallic Mask Mardi Gras. A simple, elegant yet lightweight mask that balances your ensemble. No peeling paint, untidy paint excess, and no discoloration – this is a one size fits all mask that blends very pleasantly to most shapes of faces.

Indulge in your enigmatic side and add a touch of mystery to your outfit. There are no guidelines for using this Masquerade Gold Non-Light Up Metallic Mask Mardi Gras. All outfits or costumes can benefit from our mask.


Width: 7.25”

Height: 3.25”

Keep your fitting simple, wear a “Recuerdo” collection and you are good to go.

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