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Light Up Snowflake Light Up Wand Multicolor


  1. 🌸💙💚 Radiant Display: Revel in the dazzling hues of Pink, Blue, and Green LEDs, perfect for casting a magical glow at any event.
  2. 🔁 Easy Power Up: Equipped with (3) AG13 batteries, this wand ensures your party light never dims, with simple replacement for continuous fun.
  3. 📏 Grand Presence: Measuring an impressive Length of 16 inches and a Width of 4.25 inches, it’s designed to make a statement in your hand.
  4. ✨ Mesmerizing Effects: With a variety of sparkling flash and blink functions, this wand captivates with a mesmerizing light show.
  5. 🎉 Party Ready: Ideal for Parties, Costumes & Cosplay, and Holiday Themed Activities, it adds a touch of wonder to your festive occasions.
  6. 👑 Cosplay Essential: Transform into a winter princess with this Snowflake LED Wand, the ultimate accessory for your royal ensemble.
  7. ❄️ Winter Charm: Imbued with the spirit of winter, the snowflake design brings a flurry of enchantment to your celebrations.
  8. 🎭 Thematic Accessory: This wand is a must-have for adding a sparkling snowflake twist to your creative costumes and thematic outfits.
  9. 🌟 Swift Activation: A single press of the button after removing the pull tab ignites a light show that rivals the Northern Lights.
  10. 🔄 Versatile Show: Cycle through various speeds of sparkling flash and blink functions, each promising to be the highlight of the night.
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.09
3-5 $5.04
6-8 $4.99
9-11 $4.94
12-47 $4.89
48-95 $4.79
96-191 $4.69
192-479 $4.59
480+ $4.29

Hello, darlings! 🌟 I’m Elinda, your personal enchantress of the tundra, armed with the most whimsical Snowflake LED Wand this side of the North Pole! ❄️

Wave me around, and voilà, you’re not just breaking the ice at parties, you’re literally lighting it up! Pink, Blue, and Green LEDs dance faster than Rudolph on a sugar rush, making every night a spectacle. 💃

I’m the diva of dimensions, a splendid 16 inches of pure charisma and 4.25 inches of dazzling width, crafted for the grandest gestures and most epic of spells. ✨

Suiting up for a royal ball or a frosty cosplay? I’m your go-to for adding that sparkling icicle edge. And oh, those Holiday Themed Activities? I’ll shine brighter than the star on top of the Christmas tree! 🎄

Activation is as easy as finding a snowflake in a blizzard—just remove my pull tab, press the button, and unleash an avalanche of twinkling flash and blink functions! Please note, my light show is like a festive firework display—no steady function because life’s too short for boring lights! 🎆

With (3) AG13 batteries that are more replaceable than Santa’s elves on a coffee break, I promise endless nights of shimmering fun. So grab your Snowflake Wand, and let’s turn this party into a winter wonderland extravaganza! ❄️✨

Whether you’re the queen of the ice castle or just chilling at a cool seasonal bash, remember, every flick of your wrist with me in hand is a chance to make winter magic happen. Let’s sparkle up this shindig! 🌬️💫