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Light Up Pumpkin Tea Light Flameless Artificial Candle for Halloween


LED Colors: Golden Warm White
Batteries: (3) AG10, Replaceable
Dimensions: 1.75″ x 1.75″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.043 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $1.39
3-5 $1.37
6-8 $1.34
9-11 $1.32
12-71 $1.29
72-143 $1.24
144-287 $1.19
288-575 $1.14
576+ $1.09

🕯️ Oh, hello there, spook-fanatics! I am Igor, your friendly neighborhood Pumpkin LED Tea Light Candle. I might be small, but let me assure you, my flickering charm is downright contagious! 🎃

Modeled after the trendiest vegetable of the season (or is it a fruit?), I’m your very own petite pumpkin with an LED ‘flame’ that flickers like a superstar. Plus, I’ve got a Jack O’Lantern face that even the scariest of ghouls finds adorable!

You might think I’m a homebody, but no siree! I love making appearances at Halloween events, turning heads with my warm, white LED glow. And you know what else? I can even play dress-up as a real pumpkin’s heart on carving night. Talk about getting under the skin! 😉

Despite my small 1.75″ x 1.75″ size and feather-light 0.043 lbs weight, I light up any room, like a mini disco ball but without the disco music. Now, how’s that for a Halloween party?

Running on the stamina of 3 AG10 batteries, I’m no flash in the pan. I’ll keep the flicker-fest going, turning your Halloween night into a warm, cozy haven. And guess what? I’m super easy to operate. Just slide the switch to ON under me, and voila! It’s party time! So, who’s ready to sway with Igor, your whimsically flickering sidekick? 🎃🕯️

  • 🕯️ Hey there, I’m Igor! Your Pumpkin LED Tea Light Candle, here to bring a flickering charm to your Halloween with my golden warm white hue.
  • 🎃 With a cute Jack O’Lantern face on one side, I perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Halloween, making your decoration stand out.
  • 🎉 Be it home, events, or carving nights, I’m the go-to decorative piece that adds a sprinkle of spookiness and a whole lot of glow.
  • 🏡 Petite but powerful, I stand at a compact size of 1.75″ x 1.75″, making me a versatile piece in your Halloween decor.
  • 🧚‍♂️ Weighing only 0.043 lbs, you can place me anywhere with ease and even move me around to create different lighting effects.
  • 🔋 Operated by 3 AG10 batteries, I promise to keep the Halloween festivities well-lit and the spirit alive throughout the night.
  • 🔄 To light me up, simply slide the switch located under me to the ON position, and watch as I come to life.
  • 💃 Flickering with a warm glow, I add a groovy yet cozy ambiance to your Halloween celebrations.
  • 🎁 As a unique and fun gift, I can light up anyone’s face, not just the room. After all, who wouldn’t want a personal Igor for Halloween?
  • 🎈 Whether it’s your family Halloween dinner or a neighborhood Halloween party, I’m your must-have accessory to bring fun and safety together.