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Light Up Oh Deer Red Pompom Beanie Hat


  1. 🌈 Rainbow LED Colors: Brighten up your holiday with a spectrum of colors! This beanie features a dazzling display of LED lights that cycle through a rainbow palette, adding a magical touch to any festive outfit.
  2. 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Equipped with 2 CR2032 batteries, this hat keeps the party going. Easily replaceable, you’ll never miss a moment of holiday cheer due to a dim light.
  3. 📏 Perfect Fit: Measuring 9″ x 10.5″, our Reindeer Beanie is designed to fit most head sizes up to 22 inches comfortably. It’s the cozy, snug winter accessory you’ve been looking for!
  4. 🦌 Unique Reindeer Design: Stand out at any holiday event with our unique reindeer motif. Not just a hat, but a statement of your festive spirit!
  5. 🎉 Party-Ready: Ideal for Christmas parties, family gatherings, or just a fun day out, this beanie’s flashing lights are sure to turn heads and bring smiles.
  6. 🌨️ Winter Comfort: Crafted for warmth, this beanie keeps your head toasty while adding a fun, festive flair. Say goodbye to cold ears and hello to holiday joy!
  7. 🕶️ Stylish and Fun: Who says winter hats have to be dull? Our Reindeer Beanie mixes style and fun, ensuring you look great while feeling the holiday spirit.
  8. 🎁 Great Gift Idea: Looking for a unique holiday gift? This light-up reindeer beanie is perfect for friends and family who love to add a bit of sparkle to their winter wardrobe.
  9. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ Visible from Every Angle: With the reindeer design visible from the back, you’ll be the center of attention, whether coming or going.
  10. 🌟 Easy Activation: Simply remove the pull tab and flip the switch hidden in the knit hat’s pocket to light up your festive look. It’s user-friendly and hassle-free!
Quantity Price
1-3 $9.49
4-7 $9.44
8-11 $9.39
12-23 $9.29
24-35 $9.19
-71 $9.09
72-287 $8.99
288-1151 $8.79
1152+ $8.29

Hello there! I’m Reein, your not-so-ordinary reindeer friend, here to make your holidays brighter – quite literally! 🎄✨ With my rainbow LED colors, I’m not just a hat; I’m a walking, talking (well, not really talking) Christmas party on your head. 🦌🎉

Think of me as your cozy companion during those chilly winter strolls. My one-size-fits-most design means I snugly cover noggins up to 22 inches – no cold ears on my watch! And yes, I do mean most, unless you’re a cousin of Bigfoot. 🤣

To light up your life (and your head), just remove my pull tab and flip the switch hidden in my secret pocket. Shhh, it’s our little secret! I’m not just a hat; I’m a ninja hat with hidden compartments. 🕵️‍♂️💡

What’s that on the back of your hat, you ask? Oh, that’s just my backside, ensuring that you’re the talk of the town from all angles. Who doesn’t want a reindeer’s backside on their head, right? 🍑

And when my lights start to dim, like your Uncle Bob after one too many eggnogs, just pop in 2 new CR2032 batteries, and I’m ready to party again. I’m the gift that keeps on giving – or blinking, in my case. 🎁

So, don’t be that person who shows up to the Christmas party in a boring, non-flashing hat. Be the star of every holiday event with me, Reein, on your head. Together, we’ll make Rudolph jealous! 🌟🦌