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Light Up Mini Super Spinning Pumpkin Multicolor Wand


  • 👋 Say hello to Baby Boo, the LED Pumpkin Spinner Wand! It’s designed to entertain and spread joy during the spooky season. Perfect for kids and those young at heart! 🎃🎉
  • 💡 Baby Boo emits a multicolored glow, offering an enchanting spectacle during those eerie Halloween nights. Light up the darkness with some pumpkin power! 🌈🌚
  • 🌀 With a special spin feature, Baby Boo isn’t your average Jack-o-Lantern. Watch as it rotates, illuminating a friendly (or spooky?) face. Fun and fright in one package! 🎃😄
  • 🎈 Compact and lightweight, Baby Boo measures 2.5″ x 6″ and weighs only 0.25 lbs. Easy to handle and carry around, it won’t be a burden on your Halloween adventures. 🎒👻
  • 🔋 Powered by two replaceable AAA batteries, the fun doesn’t stop with Baby Boo! The magic can continue year after year. Energy for endless entertainment! 🔁🎆
  • 🎉 Ideal for Halloween parties, Baby Boo adds a touch of illuminated magic. Wave it around and watch everyone’s eyes light up in amazement! Party power in your hand! 🙌🌟
  • 🏆 Make Baby Boo the award for your costume contest. A unique prize that continues to shine, delighting the winner long after the contest is over. Best costume takes the pumpkin! 🥇👹
  • 🍬 Perfect for trick-or-treating, Baby Boo ensures visibility and safety during the candy-collecting quest. A companion that guides you through the dark streets! 🌃🍭
  • 🔄 Attached to a black lanyard, Baby Boo is easy to handle and secure. Connected to a bright orange handle, it’s visible even when not lit. Carrying convenience at its best! 👌🏷️
  • 💫 Enjoy creating mesmerizing light trails by waving Baby Boo back and forth. Cast an enchanting spell and make the night more magical. Wave, and watch the wand work wonders! 🌠🪄
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.79
3-5 $3.74
6-8 $3.69
9-11 $3.64
12-47 $3.59
48-95 $3.54
96-191 $3.49
192-479 $3.44
480+ $3.39

Hey, I’m Baby Boo, your friendly LED Pumpkin Spinner Wand! 🎃 I’m here to cast some magical fun this spooky season and light up your Halloween adventures. 🌟

Just like a firefly, I glow with multicolor lights, adding extra sparkle to your eerie Halloween nights. And what’s my specialty? I love creating fun light trails as you wave me back and forth. Try it, it’s like casting a spell! ✨

I’m not just any ordinary pumpkin; I come with a spinning feature that will keep you entertained and spooked out. Rotate me, and see my face light up with delight (or is it a trick? 😉).

Compact and lightweight, my dimensions are 2.5″ x 6″, and I weigh just 0.25 lbs. I come with a handy black lanyard attached to my bright orange handle, so you can carry me easily wherever your Halloween adventures take you! 🎒

I’m packed with power from two AAA batteries, which are replaceable. So, the magic doesn’t end with just one Halloween season; we can keep this going year after year! 🔄🔋

I am perfect for any Halloween party, adding a touch of spooky-cute charm to the atmosphere. Wave me around, and watch everyone’s eyes light up in awe! 👀

Do you have a costume contest? Hand me over to the winner! I promise, I’m an award that will make them smile, a prize that continues to give even after the contest is over. 🏆👻

Oh, and don’t forget about trick-or-treating! I’ll keep you safe and visible on those dark, mysterious streets. Plus, I add an extra touch of fun to your candy-collecting quest. 🍬

So, are you ready for some Halloween magic with your LED Pumpkin Spinner Wand, Baby Boo? Let’s light up this spooky season together! 🎃✨