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Light Up Beach Ball 11 Inch


LED Colors: Red | Blue | Green
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: 11″ Diam.
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.27 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $4.79
3-5 $4.74
6-8 $4.69
9-11 $4.64
12-47 $4.59
48-143 $4.49
144-287 $4.39
288-575 $4.29
576+ $4.09

🏖️ Whoa! Hold your horses, I am not just a ball, I am Sherpa, your Light Up Beach Ball with Color Change LED. Believe it or not, I’m here to light up your beach parties like never before.⚡

💡Equipped with Red, Blue, and Green LED lights, I can create a fantastic light show that’ll amaze both kids and adults alike. You think I’m joking? Well, then let’s play a night-time game of beach volleyball and let me show you my flashing moves!🎉

🔄My activation is easy peasy. Just unscrew my top, remove the pull tab, press my button, and voila! You are good to go. But remember, secure my top back on tight to keep the water out. 🌊

🔋Don’t worry about my energy running out. I come with replaceable AG13 batteries to ensure the fun never stops. Just don’t get too excited and forget to dry me off after our water games. I’m water-resistant, not waterproof, you know!💧

🏐 With a weight of just 0.281 lbs and a diameter of 11″, I’m a perfect companion for those beach parties or even a chill evening by the pool. Can’t inflate me? Here’s a tip: Use an electric air pump to inflate me to my roundest and best look.😎

So, are you ready to get this party started with me, Sherpa, the ultimate Light-Up Beach Ball? Let’s glow!✨

  • 🏖️ Bring the fun of beach games to a whole new level with Sherpa, the Light Up Beach Ball equipped with color-changing LED technology.
  • ⚡ Light up the night with the bold glow from Red, Blue, and Green LED colors, sure to amaze both kids and adults alike.
  • 🔄 Activation is as simple as unscrewing the top, removing the pull tab, pressing the button, and screwing the top back on securely.
  • 💧 While the beach ball is water-resistant and perfect for pool-side games, remember to dry it off after use to keep it in top condition.
  • 🔋 Comes with replaceable AG13 batteries so the fun doesn’t have to stop when the power runs low.
  • 😎 Achieve the best, roundest shape by inflating with an electric air pump.
  • 🎉 With an impressive 11″ diameter, this beach ball is the perfect size for all kinds of fun games.
  • 🌊 The LED Beach Ball floats on water, making it a fantastic addition to pool parties and beachside celebrations.
  • 🏐 Weighing just 0.281 lbs, it’s easy to carry around for spontaneous fun wherever you go.
  • ✨ A must-have for dusk beach parties, night pool gatherings, or even at-home celebrations.