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LED Wire String Lights Blue 76 Inch


LED Colors: Blue
Batteries: (3) AA, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length:76:in
Weight: 0.191 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $4.64
3-5 $4.62
6-8 $4.59
9-11 $4.57
12-71 $4.24
72-143 $4.14
144-287 $4.04
288-575 $3.94
576-1151 $3.84

Hello, I’m Lustra! 😊

You know what they say, Every light must fade, every heart return to darkness! But not me. No, sir! I’m a 76″ string of Blue LED lights, here to bring light to your life and never fade. 🌟

Want a hypnotic atmosphere in your room? Or do you need an elegant touch for your DIY wedding centerpiece? Maybe you’re planning a killer costume for your next party? Look no further because I am all you need and more. I’m not just a light; I’m an experience. A magnificent display of illumination, ready to serve. 🎆

I’m flexible (literally) and versatile. You can light up your crafts, costumes, centerpieces, and even your bedroom with me! Yes, you heard that right. Want to set the mood for a cozy evening? Let me be your twinkling night sky indoors. 🌌

Don’t worry about finding a power source because I come with my own – powered by three AA batteries. And if they run out, you can simply replace them. Easy peasy! 🔋

The best part? You can customize me to fit your needs! Find my length too much? No problem! I CAN BE CUT to your desired custom length. But remember, my dear friend, only cut when I’m powered off. Safety first, fun always! 😉

Just flip the switch on my battery pack to light up your world with me. One switch, one function. No flash, only a steady stream of blue glow to create a magical atmosphere. So, are you ready to make your life a little more luminous with me, Lustra, your go-to LED string light? 💡

After all, who else weighs only 0.191 lbs and still manages to be the life of the party? So, go ahead, invite me over. Let’s light up the world, one blue LED at a time! 💙

  • 🌌 Enjoy a mesmerizing 76″ of blue LED string lights, perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere in any room or for any event. Lustra, your go-to LED string light! 🌠
  • 🎭 Craft the perfect costume, adorned with my captivating blue LEDs. Battery-operated, I’m your reliable, twinkling star wherever you go! 💫
  • 💒 DIY wedding centerpiece? I’m your best friend. Wrap me around flowers, lanterns, or glass jars for a fairytale wedding vibe. 💖
  • 🌙 Need quick mood lighting for bedrooms? Let Lustra serve as your personal constellation indoors, providing a serene ambiance for relaxation. 🛏️
  • 🎨 Unleash your creativity with my versatile nature. Perfect for all sorts of crafty creations, I’m the partner your DIY projects need. 🖌️
  • 🔋 Run on (3) AA batteries which are replaceable, I ensure your world never stays dark. Flip my switch, and there’s your light. 💡
  • 📏 I boast a generous length of 76″ but fret not! You can cut me to your desired custom length. Always remember to cut only when I’m powered off! ✂️
  • 🎈 Despite my lengthy presence and glow, I’m incredibly light, weighing just 0.191 lbs. Making your décor or costume both radiant and comfortable. 🎉
  • ⚡ With my steady light function only and no distracting flash, I offer a soothing, continuous glow, perfect for setting a calming ambiance. ✨
  • 🛠️ Safe cut spots are between each bulb where the cable splits into two. So you can adjust me as you need, safely and efficiently. I’m all about flexibility! 🔧