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LED Winter Wonderland Snowflake Sword


  • 🌈 Bedazzle the room with Elsae’s LED colors in Blue, Green, and Pink, casting a magical glow fit for a festive night or a fantasy play. 🎨
  • 🔋 Equipped with replaceable (2) AAA batteries, ensuring your enchanted adventures with Elsae never face a dull moment. 🔁
  • 📏 Command attention with Elsae’s impressive 31-inch length, perfect for duels in the backyard kingdom or as a scepter at your royal ball. ⚔️
  • ✨ Select from Elsae’s 3 light modes: a striking flash, a gentle blink, and a whimsical color morph to match the speed of your spellcasting. 🎚️
  • 🤴👸 Ideal for aspiring royals, Elsae’s Snowflake Light Up Saber adds a majestic touch to any costume or playtime narrative. 👑
  • 🎉 Transform party atmospheres with the flash mode, capturing the sparkle of fireworks or the twinkle of starry skies. 🌟
  • 🕺💃 Get the party blinking in sync with Elsae’s blink mode, creating a rhythmic light show that moves with the music. 🎶
  • 🌟 Engage in a slow dance of colors with the color morph function, perfect for immersive storytelling or enchanting night parades. 🚶‍♀️🚶
  • 🎁 An instant favorite for gift-givers, Elsae’s Snowflake Saber is a present that promises hours of illuminated fun. 🛍️
  • 💫 Step into a world where every swish brings a cascade of color, making Elsae the ultimate companion for every imaginative journey. 🌠
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.89
3-5 $5.84
6-11 $5.79
12-47 $5.59
48-95 $5.49
96-239 $5.39
240-479 $5.29
480-959 $5.19
960+ $5.09

🎇 Greetings, mortals and mystical beings! I am Elsae, the enchantress of the “Snowflake Magic” Light Up Saber Staff. 🌈
👑 Fashioned for the winter royalty in all of us, I come adorned with a regal snowflake crown that sparkles with the dazzling hues of Blue, Green, and Pink. 💎

🔋 Powered by (2) AAA batteries, my magic is long-lasting and easily renewed. Just a quick swap, and I’m ready to cast spells anew. 🌀 📏 Stretching 31″ in length, I am the perfect companion for your grand entrances, noble quests, or just some backyard fun. 🗡️ 🎉 Whether you’re lighting up the night at parades or commanding the attention of your fellow knights at movie theme parties, my flashing lights command awe and wonder. ✨

🕺💃 With a simple press of my handle, watch as I cycle through 3 hypnotic light functions: a vibrant flash, a steady blink, and a mesmerizing color morph. 🎭
🎂 Birthdays become epic saga events with me in hand; I make wish-granting a spectacle worthy of legend. 🍰
🌟 Fear not the darkness of winter nights, for my multicolor lights shall lead you through the darkest of times with mirth and marvel. 🌙

🎁 I am more than a mere toy; I am the bringer of light, the enchanter of parties, and the must-have for any winter princess preparing for her ball. 👸
💬 Choose me, Elsae, your noble “Snowflake Magic” Light Up Saber Staff, and let us embark on a journey filled with light, laughter, and a touch of magic! 🚀