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LED White Feather Angel Halo Crown Light Up Headband


  • 🌟 Heavenly Aura: Immerse yourself in the ethereal glow of the Light Up Angel Halo, turning any mundane evening into a celestial affair.
  • 🕊️ Fluffy Elegance: Soft, white feathers intertwined with sparkling silver tinsel create an angelic, radiant look suitable for the finest of events.
  • 💡 LED Magic: Enchant your surroundings with LED colors exclusively in white, ensuring you’re the star of every event.
  • 🔋 Easily Powered: Equipped with three AG13 batteries, ensuring your halo remains luminous. And when the heavens dim a little, just replace them for an endless glow.
  • 🔄 Three Illuminating Modes: Choose your divine aura – from a soft blink, a lively flash to a steadfast glow, all at the press of a button.
  • Durable & Lightweight: Crafted to perfection with dimensions of an 8″ Diameter and weighing just 0.187 lbs, ensuring you wear it comfortably.
  • 🎉 Versatility at its Best: Perfect for white parties, doubling up as Halloween accessories or adding that extra bling to musical festivals and concerts.
  • 💃 Fashion-forward Design: LED Costume Halo Headband comes with a breakaway clasp, marrying convenience with style.
  • 👼 Celestial Touch: Lights cleverly hidden within pliable tubing, ensuring the LED doesn’t overpower the soft, angelic vibe.
  • 🎁 Gift-worthy: An ideal present for those who love unique accessories, ensuring they stand out in every crowd.
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.89
3-5 $3.84
6-8 $3.79
9-11 $3.74
12-47 $3.69
48-95 $3.64
96-287 $3.49
288-575 $3.29
576+ $3.19

Oh hey there! 😇 It’s me, your future favorite headgear, the one and only, the heavenly show-stopper – Archangel’s LED Angel Halo! Ready to shine brighter than the North Star? ⭐

Lost your halo? Don’t sweat it, angel! We’ve all been there after a wild night out in heaven. Good news is, you can rock this blindingly stunning halo at the next big shindig. After all, not all halos come with such a handy-dandy breakaway clasp! Fancy, right? 😏

Nestled within my celestial circles are discreet lights, wrapped in soft, cloud-like feathers, sprinkled with stardust… alright, maybe it’s silver tinsel. But who’s checking? 🕊️✨

Thinking of where to flaunt this luminous crown? White parties are an obvious choice (duh!). But hey, who’s stopping you from being the best-dressed ghost or angel this Halloween? 🎃 And for you festival fanatics, it’s an insta-worthy accessory; let’s light up those dance moves! 🎶

Specifications, you ask? Here they are in all their glowing glory:

My hue? Pure and pristine – LED Colors: White 💡

My power source? (3) AG13 batteries – yes, you can replace them when I’m feeling a tad dim 🔋

Size? I’m just the right fit at an 8″ Diameter 📏

Weight? Light as a feather at 0.187 lbs! 🍃

Ready to party? Kick-start the light show by removing my tab and pressing that magic button. Voilà! Toggle between a gentle blink, a playful flash, or steady-on – whatever floats your halo! 😉

So, what’s the verdict, angel? Ready to light up the heavens… or at least the dance floor? 😇💃🕺🎉