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LED Let It Snow Animated Snowflake Necklace


  • 🌟 Animated Brilliance: Wintel boasts a unique animated snowflake light design, setting it apart from any regular necklace and elevating your festive fashion game.
  • ❄️ Iconic Snowflake Pendant: Crafted intricately on acrylic, this 3.5″ diameter pendant captures the magic of winter, offering both style and statement.
  • 💡 Luminous White LED: Emitting a crisp, radiant glow, Wintel’s white LED ensures you shine bright, embodying the spirit of winter wherever you go.
  • 🎉 Versatile Festive Accessory: Not just for Christmas! Wintel’s timeless design ensures you can flaunt it at winter parties, themed events, or even a Frozen movie night.
  • 🎄 Holiday Wardrobe Essential: The LED Animated Snowflake Necklace is the piece de resistance for any holiday ensemble, making sure you’re both festive and fabulous.
  • 🔋 Easy Activation: With a simple slide switch on the battery house, you’re all set to dazzle. Plus, powered by three AG13 batteries, Wintel promises hours of luminous charm.
  • 🧣 Generous Lanyard Length: The 31-inch lanyard ensures Wintel sits comfortably around your neck, and the breakaway feature adds an extra touch of safety.
  • 🍃 Light as Snow: Weighing a mere 0.141 lbs, Wintel promises all the shimmer without weighing you down, ensuring comfort all night long.
  • 🎁 Perfect Gifting Choice: Searching for a unique winter gift? With its animated brilliance and iconic design, Wintel is a gift that’s bound to be cherished.
  • 🥳 Frozen Delight: Channel your inner Elsa and Olaf, and let Wintel be the star accessory of your Frozen-themed party or event.
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.69
3-5 $2.64
6-8 $2.59
9-11 $2.54
12-71 $2.49
72-143 $2.44
144-287 $2.39
288-503 $2.34
504+ $2.29

Hey there! ❄️ I’m Wintel, and let’s get one thing straight: I’m not your average snowflake. Far from it! 🌟

Feeling frosty? Well, gear up because I’m here to add that extra “cool” factor to your holiday wardrobe. You see, when I say I’m “lit,” I mean it in the most literal sense. With an animated snowflake light design shining bright on my acrylic pendant, I’m not just a necklace; I’m a winter spectacle! ⛄

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Is it just white?” Oh, honey, it’s so much more than just a color. My LED glow is crisp, sharp, and oh-so-wintery. I promise you’ll be the center of attention at every holiday bash! 🎄

Powering up is a breeze. Just slide that switch on my battery house, and voila! Animated glow magic, right around your neck. And speaking of necks, did I mention my lanyard? It’s a snazzy 31 inches and comes with a breakaway feature. Because even while lighting up the room, safety’s key! 🔑

I’ve been told size matters, so let me boast a bit: My pendant? A solid 3.5 inches in diameter. And I’m light as a snowflake too, weighing in at just 0.141 lbs. Perfect for all your winter wanderings. 🎅

So, if you’re looking for that perfect winter bling that screams both festive and fabulous, look no further! I’m here, I’m Wintel, and I’m ready to “snow-show” and tell! 💎❄️

P.S.: Did I mention I’m a “Frozen delight”? Well, Elsa and Olaf got nothing on me. 😉