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LED Beads and Pumpkins Necklace


LED Colors: Orange
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length: 30″
Printable: No
Weight: 0.197 lbs


Out of stock

Hello there, spooky enthusiasts! I’m Grimm Specter, your friendly Halloween Necklace, and boy, do I have a story to share! 🎃

I was born at the stroke of midnight, in a world where every dream had a touch of haunted charm. Yup, my dreams weren’t about chasing squirrels, they were about veering away bad spirits. And that’s exactly what I do, with style, might I add. 😉

I’m a 30″ necklace, decked out with the most charmingly eerie orange LED Pumpkin Beads. Don’t worry, I’m not heavy, I weigh only about 0.197 lbs. I mean, who said scaring away spirits needed to be a tough job? 😁

Want to know how I work my magic? Just pull the tab, press the button, and watch as I cycle through my 3 mesmerizing LED functions – Flash, Blink, and Steady. With me around, your Halloween is going to be lit, quite literally! 🎉

So, are you ready to turn heads (and scare away bad spirits) this Halloween with me, Grimm Specter? I promise, we’ll make it a night to remember! 💀👻🕷️

  • 👻 Meet Grimm Specter, your faithful Halloween companion! 30″ of pure spectral charm wrapped around your neck, making you the star of the night. 🌟
  • 🎃 Adorned with orange LED pumpkin beads, I bring a unique mix of spookiness and style to your Halloween attire. Embrace the eerie! 👻
  • 🔆 Flash, blink, or steady, I offer three mesmerizing light functions for you to choose from. Pick your mood, let me do the rest! 💡
  • 🕷️ Whether it’s a Halloween party or a haunted house visit, with my charmingly eerie glow, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go! 🦇
  • 🎃 Weighing only 0.197 lbs, I’m a lightweight charm that adds a pinch of the supernatural to your look without weighing you down. 😎
  • 🔋 Powered by three replaceable AG13 batteries, I ensure your Halloween fun never fades, keeping the spirits high and the spookiness intact. 🌙
  • 👻 Crafted to scare away the bad spirits, Grimm Specter is not just a necklace, it’s a talisman of fun-filled Halloween charm. 🎃
  • 🌜 Perfect for costume parties, trick-or-treating, or just to add some spooky flair to your outfit, I’m all about the Halloween vibes. 🦉
  • 🔦 Just remove the pull tab, press the button, and voila! You’ve got your personal pumpkin-lit Halloween extravaganza around your neck. 🎇
  • 💫 Drape the spectral charm of Grimm Specter around your neck and let the LED-lit pumpkins guide your way through a magical Halloween night. 🌌