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LED 20 Inch Copper Wire String Lights Warm White


LED Colors: 10 pcs Warm White
Wire Color: Copper Wire
Wire Length: 20” Length
Batteries: (2) CR2032, Replaceable
Battery Box: 2” x 1” x 0.5”
Run Time: 60+ hours.
Weight: 0.045 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.44
6-8 $2.39
9-11 $2.34
12-71 $2.19
72-143 $2.09
144-287 $1.99
288-575 $1.94
576+ $1.89

Hey there, it’s me, Twinkle! The LED copper wire fairy light. I’m not just any old fairy light, oh no. I’ve got a unique story to tell!

Before I became a fairy light, I was just a regular piece of copper wire. But one day, I got struck by a bolt of fairy magic, and the next thing I knew, I was glowing and sparkling like nobody’s business. It was like I had won the fairy light lottery!

But let’s not get too caught up in my humble beginnings. I’m here to talk about my incredible features – and trust me, they’re pretty impressive. My elegant copper wire is flexible and lightweight, making it easy to wrap me around anything you can imagine. It’s like I’m the Houdini of the string light world!

And let’s not forget about my warm white LED lights – like a hug in lighting form. They create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, whether you’re hosting a dinner party, having a movie night, or just snuggling up with a good book. I’m like a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

But what sets me apart is my battery life. I have two replaceable CR2032 batteries running for over 60 hours straight. That’s like the Energizer Bunny of the light string world – I keep going and going and going!

But my talents don’t stop there. I’m also perfect for creating a romantic ambiance that makes your heart flutter and your palms sweaty. Whether you’re planning a proposal or just trying to set the mood, I’m here to light the way. You could say I’m the love fairy of the string light world!

Let’s create some magic together! Just plug me in and let me work my fairy light magic. I promise I won’t disappoint – I’m Twinkle, the fairy light with a unique story and a spunky personality. Let’s light up the world, one fairy light at a time!

  •  ✨Illuminate your space with ten warm white LEDs🌟, bringing a cozy ambiance to any room or event. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and a soft glow.💡
  • 🧡Stylish copper wire design adds a modern aesthetic that complements any décor. The thin, flexible wire makes it easy to bend and shape as you, please!🖼️
  • 📏Our 20-inch wire length is perfect for DIY projects, wrapping around centerpieces, and adding a touch of magic to your home or special events!🌠
  • 🔋Powered by (2) CR2032 replaceable batteries, ensuring you won’t be left in the dark unexpectedly. Keep the light shining bright for all your occasions!💫
  • 📦Compact battery box measuring 2″ x 1″ x 0.5″ makes it easy to conceal, ensuring your focus stays on the beautiful warm white LED lights!🌃
  • ⏱️Enjoy 60+ hours of continuous run time, perfect for long-lasting events or lighting your space without worry!🕯️
  • 🪶Feather-light at just 0.045 lbs, our LED light string is easy to handle and transport, making it the ideal choice for any occasion!🎈
  • 🎁Perfect as a gift🎀 for friends and family who love to decorate their homes, celebrate special occasions, or enjoy the warm, inviting glow of LED lights.🌉
  • 🌳Eco-friendly choice, with energy-efficient LEDs and replaceable batteries, reducing waste and promoting sustainability for a brighter future.🌍
  • 💯Reliable and durable, our LED lights are designed to last, ensuring you can enjoy the warm white glow and copper wire aesthetic for years!🌟

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