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Huge Gem Ring Green Diamond


🟢 Radiant Green LED: A spectacle of light with vibrant green LEDs that catch every eye in the room.

🔲 Geometric Gem: Crafted with dimensions of 1.50″ x 1.87″, my faceted design dazzles from every angle.

💍 One-Size Wonder: Designed to fit all, I’m the gem that doesn’t discriminate against fingers.

🎚️ Triple Light Show: Equipped with three light modes: a brilliant strobe, a playful flash, and a steady glow for every mood.

🎈 Party-Ready Jewel: With a simple press underneath, I’m the life and light of your festive wear.

💎 Faux Diamond, True Shine: I may not be mined, but my shine is genuinely divine.

🌟 Effortless Activation: No fumbling necessary, a single press ignites my luminous dance.

🚫 Battery Hustle: Forget about replacements; my non-replaceable batteries mean I’m all fun, no fuss.

📏 Perfect Proportions: Not too big, not too small, I’m sized just right to be the star of any event.

✨ Dazzling Accessory: More than just a ring, I’m a statement piece that promises to make your hands the talk of the town.

Quantity Price
1-3 $1.49
4-6 $1.47
7-11 $1.44
12-23 $1.42
24-71 $1.39
72-143 $1.37
144-431 $1.34
432-863 $1.32
864+ $1.29

Once upon a time in a small town named Glitterton, there was a peculiar gemstone named Jose. Jose wasn’t your average green diamond; he was a huge gem with a flair for the dramatic and a built-in LED light that could outshine the North Star.

Every night, Jose sat on the display at Madame Glitz’s Costume Emporium, dreaming of grand adventures and disco balls. But by day, he was just another piece of costume jewelry waiting for his moment to sparkle.

One fateful St. Patrick’s Day, a klutzy leprechaun named Lenny was stumbling through Glitterton in search of his lost pot of gold. He spotted Jose’s alluring glow from the window and burst into Madame Glitz’s shop with all the grace of a bull in a china shop.

“Eureka!” Lenny exclaimed, convinced he’d found a mythical glowing stone that would lead him to his treasure. Without a moment to spare, he slipped Jose onto his finger, and instantly, the LED functions activated: strobe, flash, and steady.

Jose, thrilled to finally be a part of a real adventure, blazed with light so intense that it caught the attention of everyone in Glitterton. The townspeople followed the beacon that was Lenny’s hand, dancing through the streets as if they were in a parade.

The duo led the impromptu procession to the end of a rainbow, where, to Lenny’s surprise, his pot of gold awaited. The townsfolk cheered, and Jose beamed brighter than ever, his LED lights flickering in triumphant celebration.

From that day forward, Jose was no longer just a gemstone; he was a legend. He’d not only helped a clumsy leprechaun find his gold but also brought an entire town together for a day of joyous revelry.

And so, Jose the LED gem ring lived happily ever after, regaling the other accessories at Madame Glitz’s with tales of his St. Patrick’s Day adventure, forever known as the beacon of Glitterton.

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