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Green Light Saber


LED Colors: Green
Batteries: (3) AA, Replaceable
Dimensions: 1.12″ x 28″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.332 lbs
Packs per box: 72


Quantity Price
1-5 $3.49
6-8 $3.44
9-11 $3.29
12-71 $3.09
72-143 $3.04
144-287 $2.99
288-575 $2.94
576-1151 $2.89
1152+ $2.84

Luke Skywalker stared at the toy light saber in his hand, his heart sinking. He had been practicing for months with his actual light saber, honing his Jedi skills and preparing for the battles ahead. And now, when he needed it the most, it was nowhere to be found. In its place, he held a plastic toy.

Luke sighed and pressed the button on the handle, hoping for some sort of miracle. To his surprise, the toy lit up with 22 glowing green LEDs, casting a faint green light around him. Luke blinked in disbelief, wondering if he had somehow been transported to a galaxy far, far away where toy light sabers were the weapon of choice.

But there was no time for pondering. The Empire was closing in, and Luke needed to act fast. He took a deep breath, steadied his nerves, and charged into battle, brandishing his toy light saber with all the courage and determination of a true Jedi.

At first, the Empire’s forces were taken aback by Luke’s toy light saber. They had never seen anything like it before and didn’t know how to react. Some of the stormtroopers even laughed, thinking that Luke was no match for their advanced weapons and training.

But Luke was undeterred. He swung his toy light saber with all the skill and precision he had learned from his Jedi training, slicing through blaster bolts and deflecting incoming attacks. The glowing green LEDs added an extra flair to his movements, making it seem like he was performing some sort of cosmic dance.

As the battle raged on, Luke’s toy light saber proved to be surprisingly effective. The Empire’s forces were caught off guard by its unorthodox design and underestimated its power. Luke seized the opportunity and pressed his attack, cutting down one stormtrooper after another.

Soon, the tide of the battle had turned. The Empire’s forces were in disarray, and Luke’s toy light saber was the talk of the battlefield. Even Darth Vader himself took notice, observing Luke’s movements from afar and wondering what kind of new weapon the young Jedi had acquired.

In the end, Luke emerged victorious, thanks in no small part to his trusty toy light saber. As he stood amidst the smoldering wreckage of the Empire’s forces, he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. Who would have thought that a toy light saber could be so effective in battle?

Luke looked down at the toy light saber in his hand, feeling a newfound sense of respect for it. Sure, it wasn’t as powerful or impressive as his actual light saber, but it had proven itself to be a worthy companion in battle. And who knows? Maybe he could even upgrade it with some better LEDs and make it even more formidable.

Luke smiled and pocketed the toy light saber, feeling confident that he could face whatever challenges lay ahead. With the Force on his side and a trusty toy light saber in his hand, there was nothing he couldn’t overcome.

Introducing our most powerfully bright light sword to date. Purchase this 28” light up sword and you will be very impressed by the impact of 23 green LEDs. This item includes replaceable AAA batteries and is ready to do battle once the user pulls the inhibitor tab and depresses the on/off button. Unit comes with 3 AAA batteries. Packaged Individually.