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Frosted Heart Necklace


🌟 Delight in the vibrant LED Colors Red, Green, and Blue that transition seamlessly to create a mesmerizing effect for anyone who beholds this enchanting necklace. 🌈

🔋 Enjoy the convenience of Replaceable Batteries with (2) CR927 cells, ensuring your necklace continues to shine bright during endless nights of celebration. 🔋

📏 Admire the perfect Dimensions of 16 inches in length, 1.25 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth, making it a statement piece that’s sure to captivate. 📐

🎨 Watch the Aurora Heart Color Change Necklace as it elegantly cycles through a kaleidoscope of colors with a simple press of a button on the back. 🎨

❤️ Embrace the heart-shaped design that symbolizes love and affection, a perfect gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. ❤️

💎 Crafted with a frosted finish, this necklace diffuses light beautifully, ensuring a soft and magical glow emanates from within. 💎

✨ Witness the slow and soothing color morph from red to blue to green, a display that captures the essence of the aurora borealis around your neck. ✨

🎁 Packaged with love, this necklace comes ready to gift, making it an ideal present for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or as a symbol of love and friendship. 🎁

🌌 Be the star of any event as the necklace’s glow compliments your attire, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever you go. 🌌

🔄 With the ease of replacing batteries, this necklace is not only a beautiful accessory but also a durable companion for all your heartwarming moments. 🔄

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.99
5-9 $1.97
10-24 $1.94
25-49 $1.89
50-99 $1.87
100-199 $1.84
200-499 $1.79
500-999 $1.74
1000+ $1.69

🌈 Hey there! I’m Pokwie Marie, your Frosted Heart Necklace, and I’m here to make your heart skip a beat with my charm and colorful personality! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a Tuesday, I’m the perfect plus-one to any outfit. 💖

💡 With my dazzling LED colors of Red, Green, and Blue, I’m not just a necklace; I’m a portable light show! Perfect for making every moment magical and every onlooker envious. Just imagine the selfies! 📸

🔋 Powered by two CR927 batteries, I’m not only gorgeous; I’m also long-lasting. And yes, these batteries are replaceable because the only thing that should be fleeting is a bad mood, not your sparkle. ✨

📏 At 16 inches with a depth and height of 1.25 x 1 inch, I hang just right around your neck. Not too long that I get lost, and not too short to be mistaken for a choker. I’m the Goldilocks of necklaces – just perfect! 📐

✨ To bring me to life, give my back a little tap. Press the button and watch in awe as I transition from one color to another, a mesmerizing dance of hues that’s sure to make every occasion feel like a dream. 🌙

🎁 Imagine gifting me to your girl on Valentine’s – I’ll ensure you earn brownie points for style, thoughtfulness, and being downright cool. You can thank me later! 😉

🌟 Whether you’re at an event, a fundraiser, or just out for fun, I promise to be the conversation starter and the light in the dark, literally. Who needs a spotlight when you’ve got me? 🎆

💃 So get ready to wear your heart not just on your sleeve, but around your neck, shining bright and expressing all the love vibes. I’m not saying I’m Cupid, but I’ve been known to shoot some pretty accurate arrows of attraction. 🏹

🎉 Perfect for anyone who loves to love and loves to light up the room (again, literally), I am the epitome of simple yet mesmerizing – a true gem in a world of pebbles. Shine on, you crazy diamond! ✨

Customer Reviews

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I gave this to my employee as a present this Valentine's Day. Everyone is going crazy about it!