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Football Helmet Bead Necklaces Non Metallic Red Pack of 12


🎉 Effortlessly power-free, these red bead necklaces bring the party to life without the need for any batteries. Enjoy the festivities uninterrupted!

📏 Generously long, each necklace stretches to 32 inches, perfect for draping or doubling up for a layered look that stands out in the crowd.

💡 Embrace the natural radiance with beads that shine without light-up features, proving that true style needs no illumination.

📦 Conveniently packaged, these necklaces come in sets of 12, ensuring there’s plenty of spirit to go around for you and your friends.

🚫 Free from flashy gimmicks, these necklaces boast a classic charm that glows with team spirit, not with artificial light.

🌟 Crafted for fans, the bold red hue of each bead embodies the fiery passion of supporters cheering on their favorite team.

💃 Swing, drape, or wear them; these beads are versatile enough for any celebratory jig or as an emblem of unity at fundraisers.

🏈 Tailored for sporting events, yet versatile for any themed party, these non-metallic red bead necklaces are the quintessential accessory.

🤩 Make a statement with every sway, as these necklaces are designed to catch the eye and evoke the excitement of the game.

🎊 No distraction from noisy electronics, just the pure joy of sharing a symbolic accessory that complements the cheer of any occasion.

Quantity Price
1-5 $5.29
6-11 $5.24
12-23 $5.19
24-47 $5.14
48-95 $5.09
96-191 $4.99
192-383 $4.89
384-765 $4.79
766+ $4.69

🎈 Hello, party people! DaveBor, the Non-Metallic Red Bead Necklace here, ready to jazz up your cheer game! 🎉

🏈 Are you ready for some football… accessories? Because I’m your 12-pack quarterback, throwing you into the spirit zone without any fumbles! Whether you’re pep rallying or just bringing the heat to a birthday bash, I’m your MVP (Most Valuable Pendant-less Necklace). 🌟

✨ No batteries, no lights, just pure, unadulterated red bead fabulousness. At a glorious 32 inches, I’m long enough to swing around while you do your victory dance. 🕺

📣 Birthdays? Check. Pep Rallies? Double-check. Fundraisers, Mardi Gras, or just Tuesday? I’m your huddle leader for all of them. 🗓️

🎟️ Sold in tactically smart packs of 12’s, because who wants to party alone? Not me! Team spirit means everyone gets a bead necklace. 🙌

💡 Light-up? Puh-lease. I’m all about that natural glow, the kind that comes from being the life of the party, not a battery pack. 🚫

💃 So drape me, throw me, or wear me like the team flag you never had. I promise to be the easiest teammate you’ve ever had – no charging, no tangling, just pure, unadulterated fun. 🏆

🔴 Let’s paint the town red, literally. With me around your neck, you’re not just supporting your team, you’re making a statement. A bold, red, can’t-look-away statement. And isn’t that what game day’s all about? 🎗️

🎊 So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of DaveBor red beads and let’s get this party started! After all, it’s not just a necklace, it’s a cheer-leader. 📢

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