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Flashing Star Shaped Festive Christmas Ring Pack of 24


  • 🌟 LED Sparkling Star Design: I’m not your ordinary ring; I’m a star-shaped spectacle of light! My LED-lit design makes sure you’re the talk of any holiday event. Light up your finger with festive charm this Christmas season. 🎄
  • 🎨 Assorted Colors: I come in red and green — the epitome of holiday hues. Each assorted pack has 12 of each color, offering a vibrant palette to fit any Christmas outfit or party theme. 🌈
  • 🎁 Perfect for Gifts and Party Favors: Stuck on gift ideas? My flashing star-shaped design makes me a brilliant choice for Christmas party favors, stocking stuffers, or even a blingy accessory for yourself. 🎅
  • 🎚️ Three Light Modes: Choose your glow! A button on my back lets you toggle between three mesmerizing LED functions: steady, blink, and flash. Whether you want a constant glow or a dancing light, I’ve got you covered. 🕺💃
  • 🎉 One Size Fits Most: My plastic band is as flexible as a gymnast! Designed to stretch and accommodate fingers of all sizes, from kids to adults, ensuring everyone can join the festive fun. 🤹
  • 🛠️ Non-Replaceable Batteries: I come ready to use right out of the box, armed with non-replaceable batteries. Think of me as a firework — shining bright for the duration of your holiday festivities. 🎇
  • 📏 Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 1.5″ x 2″, I’m designed to be noticeable without overwhelming your outfit. I’m like the cherry on top of your Christmas ensemble. 🍒
  • 🤗 User-Friendly Activation: No complicated settings here! Just a simple button on my back lets you cycle through my LED functions. So easy to use, even Grandma can do it! 👵
  • 🧒👵 Suitable for All Ages: Whether you’re a toddler excited for Santa or a grandparent who’s seen many Christmases, I fit right in with my universal design. One size truly fits most! 🎅🤶
  • 🍀 Eco-Friendly Material: Made from high-quality plastic, I’m a durable and eco-friendly choice. Celebrate Christmas while being kind to the Earth. 🌍
Quantity Price
1 $33.99
2 $33.59
3 $32.99
4-6 $32.59
7-11 $31.99
12-23 $31.59
24-47 $30.99
48-95 $30.59
96+ $29.99

Hey there, I’m Star! 🌟 No, not the celestial one up in the sky; I’m way more fun and you don’t need a telescope to see me. Imagine me as the glowing, blinking star right on your finger! 🤩

Bored of traditional holiday ornaments? Upgrade your Christmas bling game with me! 🎄 I come in an assorted pack of 24 rings, split evenly between the classic Christmas colors: red and green. Imagine being the life of the party with not one, but 24 of me! Talk about spreading holiday cheer. 🎉

You might be wondering, “Star, what makes you shine so brightly?” The answer is simple: my LED colors. I have 3 red or 3 green LEDs to match my shell, so I always look coordinated and fabulous. 💃🕺

Let’s talk about my functionalities. Want to keep it classy? Go for steady light. In the mood for something more exciting? Choose blink or flash. All you have to do is press a button on my backside (don’t worry, I’m not ticklish) to cycle through my 3 LED functions. 🌟💫✨

Concerned about fit? Don’t be. I’m a one-size-fits-most kind of star. My band stretches to accommodate both the young’uns and the young at heart. You could say I’m the yoga instructor of light-up jewelry. 🧘‍♂️

As for my energy source, I come ready to shine with non-replaceable batteries. Hey, I like to think of myself as the fireworks of Christmas accessories — brilliant while I last. 🎇

Here’s the fine print: My dimensions are 1.5″ x 2″, so I’m noticeable but won’t steal your entire spotlight. Unless you want me to, of course. 🌟

In summary, grab me if you want to be the sparkling centerpiece at Christmas parties, or to hand out as flashing star Christmas party favors. I’m great for jazzing up your holiday outfit, filling stockings, or even throwing at carolers for a flashy surprise. 🎶

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this holiday season star-studded and fabulous together! 🌟🎅🤶🎄