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Flashing Cat Bubble Musical Wand


  • 😺 Embrace the child in you with Cathy, the Blinky Cat Bubble LED Wand, a fun and interactive toy that will light up your parties and social gatherings.
  • 🌈 The wand features dazzling Red, Green, and Blue LED colors, offering a unique, multi-colored light show that brings excitement to any event.
  • 🔋 Comes with replaceable AA batteries, ensuring the bubble and light show goes on for hours.
  • 🎈 Standing tall at 14 inches and 4 inches wide, Cathy is easily portable and comfortable to hold for both kids and adults.
  • 🎶 The wand offers two fun modes: bubble, music, and slow change/blinky light function in the UP position, and music and slow change/blinky light function in the DOWN position (no bubbles).
  • 💭 Enjoy a spectacular bubble show when the switch is in the UP position, adding an element of enchantment to your gatherings.
  • 💡 Create a magical atmosphere with Cathy’s slow change/blinky light function, mesmerizing everyone around.
  • 🎊 Perfect for all occasions, Cathy the Blinky Cat Bubble LED Wand is ideal for birthdays, BBQs, festivals, or just for a fun-filled day in the park.
  • 🎁 Makes for a great gift for children and adults alike, ensuring hours of endless entertainment and fun.
  • 🎵 Enjoy the rhythm of the music function that accompanies the light show, enhancing the overall experience and setting a cheerful mood.
Quantity Price
1-2 $13.39
3-7 $13.34
8-11 $13.29
12-47 $13.24
48-95 $13.19
96-398 $13.09
399-998 $12.99
999+ $12.89

Hello there, I’m Cathy the Blinky Cat Bubble LED Wand. 😺🌈

I’m not your ordinary cat. I light up parties with my amazing Red, Green, and Blue LED colors, creating a dazzling light show that kids and adults can’t resist. 💫✨

Just grab me by my sleek 14-inch body and prepare to be amazed. I’m 4 inches wide and weigh a modest 1.173 lbs, making me the perfect party partner.🎉🎈

I’m all about options, and my functionality is as diverse as the bubbles I create. Move my switch to the UP position and watch as I juggle playing music, blowing bubbles, and flashing my slow change/blinky light function. 🎶💭

Not in the mood for bubbles? That’s okay! Just slide my switch to the DOWN position and I’ll serenade you with tunes and my charming slow change/blinky light function, sans bubbles.🎵💡

Remember to keep me in an upright position when bubbles are activated. After all, even a Blinky Cat needs to maintain her poise.😸👑

My energy comes from three AA batteries that are easily replaceable. So the party doesn’t stop until you say it does. 🎊🔋

With me in your hands, every day will feel like a summer festival. Let’s make some fun memories together! 😼🎠”