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Flashing Candy Cane Necklace


  • 🍭✨ Dazzling Candy Cane Design: Ricci brings the holiday spirit alive with the Light Up Candy Cane Necklace, designed to be both festive and functional, ensuring you shine brightly at any event.
  • 🎄 Versatile Holiday Accessory: Whether it’s for caroling, spirited table settings, or simply a holiday gathering, this necklace is the perfect addition to elevate the festive mood.
  • 💡 Dynamic LED Functions: Dive into the joy of the season with three captivating LED modes: twinkle, flash, and chasing lights. Simply press a button and choose your preferred style!
  • 🔴⚪ Vibrant LED Colors: Ricci boasts vibrant Red and White LEDs that light up from within, ensuring you stand out and spread the holiday cheer wherever you go.
  • 🎁 Perfect Stocking Stuffer: Seeking the ideal surprise this Christmas? This necklace makes for a delightful stocking stuffer, promising smiles and joy to the recipient.
  • 🌈 Assorted Nylon Lanyards: With lanyards available in shades of red or green, each necklace offers its unique charm, complementing your holiday attire seamlessly.
  • 🔋 Easily Replaceable Batteries: Powered by (3) AG13 batteries, Ricci ensures the festivities continue. When it’s time for a change, replacing the batteries is a breeze.
  • 📏 Ideal Dimensions: Lightweight at just 0.085 lbs and with the candy cane charm measuring 2.37″ x 4.75″, Ricci promises both style and comfort.
  • 🤩 Easy Activation: Kickstart the luminous fun by simply pulling the tab and pressing Ricci’s button. In moments, the room will be filled with festive LED brilliance.
  • 🎉 Breakaway Clasp Feature: The necklace comes equipped with a breakaway clasp, ensuring easy removal. Enjoy convenience paired with festive flair!
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-5 $2.27
6-8 $2.24
9-11 $2.22
12-47 $2.19
48-143 $2.14
144-287 $2.09
288-575 $2.04
576+ $1.99

Hey there! Ricci here, your dazzling candy cane companion. 🍭✨

Ever thought of wearing the joy of the season around your neck? Well, now you can! I’m not just any ordinary festive accessory; I’m the shining star – or should I say, the shining candy cane – of holiday gatherings! 😁🌟

Looking to surprise someone with a lit-up stocking stuffer? I got you! Or maybe you’re heading out caroling and need to up your festive game? Again, that’s a job for me. And let’s not even get started on spirited table settings. Place me there, and watch me steal the show! 🎄🍽️

My charm isn’t just surface level. I come alive from the inside with sizzling red and white LEDs. And oh, my fancy nylon lanyards? They’re available in assorted red or green, perfectly complementing my vibrant self. Plus, they’ve got a breakaway clasp for easy-peasy removal. Talk about convenience! 💁‍♂️🎉

Time for some technical talk. My LED colors are all about White and Red. I’m powered by (3) AG13 batteries which are replaceable – because the festive spirit should never fade. I’m lightweight, weighing just 0.085 lbs. My lanyard stretches out to 30.5″, and I, the star candy cane, measure 2.37″ x 4.75″. 📏🔋

And for the grand reveal: to get me flashing and lighting up the room, just pull the tab and press the button on my back. Choose from three LED modes – twinkle, flash, or chasing lights, and voila! I’m ready to party! 🕺💡

Ready to spread some glowy festive cheer? Grab me, Ricci, and let’s make this season merry and bright! 🎅❤️