Fiber Optic Tea Light Flower


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With Tea Light Flowers, you won’t need a cup. Just use your pointer finger and flip the ON switch up. They’re delightful and quite charming, all your friends will think so. Now that you have Fiber Optic Tea Light Flowers you don’t need fertilizer to grow. They have so many uses, turn them on and let them glow! To activate your Fiber Optic Tea Light Flowers, flip the switch on the bottom. LEDs in the base shine up into the fiber-optic-lined petals, which slowly morph from color to color. Flip switch again to power off – one multicolor light function. Dimensions: Flower & Base Height: 3.50 in. Flower Width: 3.0 in. Base Height: 1.25 in. Base Width: 1.50 in. LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green Base Color: White Flower Color: Pink, Blue, Green Includes 3 replaceable AG13 Batteries. Packaging: Retail ready, individually packaged in clear box, 3 pieces per inner box- 72 pieces per carton.