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Faux Fur LED Fingerless Gloves


  • 🌈 Vibrant LED hues: Flaunt a rainbow at your fingertips with red, blue, and green LEDs, blending to create a dazzling multicolor display. Perfect for any festive occasion! 🎨
  • 🔄 Easy battery swaps: Powered by 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries, ensuring your glow doesn’t dim. Swap them out and keep shining bright! 🔋
  • 🖐️ Finger freedom: Enjoy the full use of your fingers with our fingerless design. Text, play, and party without missing a beat—or a text! 👍
  • 💡 Light up the night: Six scintillating light modes including strobe, slow color change, and steady light offer a spectrum of styles for any mood or theme. 🚦
  • 🎊 Party-ready: With a push of a button hidden snugly under the fur, ignite a pulsating strobe or a gentle wave of colors. Perfect for making a statement! ✨
  • 📏 Fits all sizes: Embrace the comfort with our ‘one size fits all’ design, making it a snug accessory for any hand size. No more guesswork for the perfect fit! 🤲
  • 🚨 Flashing allure: Draw all eyes with flashing red, blue, and green lights. Whether it’s a rave or a cozy gathering, you’ll be unmissable. 🚥
  • 🤫 Secret switch: The battery house is cleverly concealed under the fur for an uninterrupted stylish look. Your secret to a seamless transition from chill to thrill. 🕵️‍♂️
  • 🎁 Gift of glow: The perfect present for those who love to stand out. Give the gift of glow and watch their faces light up—literally! 🎁
  • 💃 Dance-proof design: Made for movement, these gloves will keep up with your best moves without slipping off. Dance your heart out with light in hand! 💃
Quantity Price
1-2 $12.99
3-5 $12.79
6-11 $12.59
12-71 $10.59
72-143 $9.59
144-287 $9.09
288-575 $8.59
576-1007 $8.09
1008+ $7.59

🎉 Hey there, party people! 👋 I’m Fushie, your go-to companion for those nights when you want to be snug as a bug but still the life of the party. 🌟 With my flashy LED lights in red, blue, and green, I can mix up a storm of colors to match your wildest moods! 🚦✨

Need to send a text to your BFF in the middle of a chill fest? 📱 No prob! My fingerless design has got your digits free for all your digital needs. Whether you’re club-hopping or strolling in a winter wonderland, I’ll make sure your hands are the talk of the town. 🏙️❄️

And get this, I’m super easy to fire up. Just dive into my fluffy fur, pull out that tab like you’re starting a lawnmower, and push my button to bring on the light show. 🕺💡 From a full-on strobe that screams ‘dance-off’ to a soothing color wave for those mellow vibes, I’ve got 6 modes to play with. 🔴🔵🟢

Worried about size? Don’t be! I’m like that one-size-fits-all hat, but for your hands. 🧤 And when my lights start to dim after too much fun, just pop in some new CR2032 batteries, and we’re ready to roll again. 🔄🔋

So, why settle for boring mittens when you can have me, Fushie, lighting up your life and your fingers? Let’s get this party started!” 🎊😉

A perfect blend of cozy and crazy, these gloves are your ticket to turning a regular night into a spectacular light-up experience. Just don’t blame me if you become too ‘hand’some for the crowd. 😜👌

Remember, when life gives you darkness, throw a glove party with Fushie, and let’s glow crazy! 🌈🎆