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Blue Cocktail Party Light Up Swizzle Stick Drink Stirrer


LED Colors: Blue
Batteries: (4) AG10, Replaceable
Dimensions: 1.37″ x 6.75″
Weight: 0.028 lbs


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Hola, amigos! 🎉 They call me “Twinkle”, the Dual LED Blue Swizzle Stick. 😎🍸 I’m not your ordinary cocktail stirrer, you see. I am the embodiment of glamour, glitz, and gusto, lighting up every party like it’s New Year’s Eve. 🥳✨

Twinkle is my name, but you may as well call me the ‘Million Peso Man’! I tell ya, I’ve seen some stuff. 🌟💵 I was there when a businessman closed a multimillion-peso deal and, let me tell you, I was the shining star of the celebration! 🎉🤑

My electric blue light 💙🔵 painted a vibrant picture against the crystal clear glass, a stark contrast to the sober business meeting. As the deal was struck, the party began. Can you imagine the uproar when they saw me light up? It was pure magic! 😁👏

I may look delicate with my slim, clear stick filled with bubbles 🍾, and frosted battery house, but don’t let that fool you. I’m sturdy and, most importantly, replaceable. Yeah, you heard it right. My heart beats with the power of 4 AG10 batteries, and when they run out, just swap ’em out, and I’m back to lighting up your lives. 🎆🔋

My dimensions? Well, I’m 1.37″ x 6.75″ of twinkling joy, weighing a light 0.028 lbs. To activate me, all you have to do is twist my clear circular top. 🌐⚡And voila! I shine with an intensity that’s irresistible. The LED light moves through me, bright and steady, no blinking, no fuss. One LED points upwards towards my circle top, and the other one, well, it illuminates the body of the swizzle stick, casting a mesmerizing glow around. 💡💫

But remember, dear friend, I’m not just a cocktail stirrer. I’m a symbol of joy, success, and celebration. From business deals to birthdays, from weddings to weekend parties, I’ve been there, done that, and lit it all up! 😃🎇

So the next time you want to add some sparkle to your cocktail or some light to your celebration, remember your amigo Twinkle, the Dual LED Blue Swizzle Stick. I’ll be waiting, ready to shine for you! 🥂🌠

  • 💡🔵 Feel the vibrant energy with Twinkle’s electric blue LED lights that make every sip a starry experience!
  • 🔋💪 Powered by 4 AG10 batteries, Twinkle offers a bright and steady glow, making your nights brighter.
  • 🔄🔄 Easy to use, just twist the clear circular top to activate the LED lights and get ready to party.
  • 🔁♻️ Don’t worry about the fun ending. When the batteries run out, simply replace them to keep the party going.
  • ⚖️💫 Lightweight yet sturdy, Twinkle weighs just 0.028 lbs and measures 1.37″ x 6.75″.
  • 🎆✨ With LEDs that shine both upwards and downwards, Twinkle illuminates your drink and the surroundings, creating a magical atmosphere.
  • 🍸💧 Twinkle’s clear stick filled with bubbles, frosted battery house, and clear circle top enhance your drink’s aesthetics.
  • 🥂🍹 Perfect for any event, from business deals to birthdays, Twinkle adds sparkle to your celebrations.
  • 🎉😎 Celebrate your success in style with Twinkle, the cocktail stirrer that witnessed a multimillion-peso deal!
  • 💙🌟 Compact and portable, take Twinkle along and let it light up your travels with its charismatic charm.