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Blue Afro Wig with Flashing LEDs


  • 🌀 Dive into the disco era with the electrifying Light Up Blue Afro Wig, setting your groove meter to the max!
  • 🎉 The ultimate party accessory: whether it’s a festive parade, a lively Vegas trip, or a spontaneous dance-off in your living room.
  • 💡 Boasting radiant blue LEDs, it’s the ideal fusion of retro vibes and futuristic luminance.
  • 🕺 Shine bright like a 70s disco ball: switch between steady lighting or a dynamic blinking effect for various moods and moves.
  • 🔄 Powered by (2) CR2032 batteries that are not only replaceable but ensure your dancefloor domination continues uninterrupted.
  • 💙 Every strand embraces a rich blue hue, reminiscent of neon nights and electric dreams.
  • 🦱 Curled to perfection, the wig offers both volume and vibrancy, promising that you’ll be the center of attention at every gathering.
  • 🌌 One size truly fits all! Designed for universal appeal, it’s a snug fit for everyone, from funky freshmen to groovy grandparents.
  • 🪶 Lightweight at just 0.466 lbs, it guarantees zero strain, ensuring you dance the night away with effortless ease.
  • 🌐 From activating the LEDs to switching between modes, it’s user-friendly, allowing even tech novices to light up their look in seconds.
Quantity Price
1-2 $7.09
3-5 $7.04
6-8 $6.99
9-11 $6.94
12-47 $6.89
48-95 $6.79
96-239 $6.59
240-479 $6.29
480-- $5.99

Hey there, party people! 🎉 I’m Bae Wiggly, and let me tell you, I’m not just a wig – I’m a disco on your head. 🕺💃

Get ready to channel the spirit of the 70s, but with a high-tech twist. Think Saturday Night Fever meets Tron. 💡 You groovy with that? Because when you don this dazzling Light Up Blue Afro Wig with Flashing LEDs, it’s less about the hustle and more about the “shine”! 🌌

Imagine grooving to the Bee Gees, while beams of blue bounce from your bountiful bouffant. 🎶✨ Every twist, every turn, every moonwalk under the disco ball will be a glowing sensation. I promise you’ll outshine even the most extravagant lava lamps! 🌋

Oh, the specifications? Well, darling, my LED colors are as blue as the summer skies, and I run on (2) cool CR2032 batteries. What’s more, they’re replaceable! So, our dance-a-thons can be endless. 🔄

Size worries? Honey, with a one-size-fits-all dimension, I’ve got everyone covered! And I weigh just 0.466 lbs. I mean, wouldn’t want to weigh you down during your funky chicken dance, would we? 🐔🕺

Activating me is as easy as doing the electric slide! Just whip off that plastic tab, preserving my youthful energy. Hit the button once, and I’m all steady blues; hit it twice, and watch me put the “flash” in “Flashdance”. 🕺💡

So, next time you’re prepping for a party, parade, or just a solo performance in front of your bathroom mirror, remember to invite me, Bae Wiggly, to light up the show! You, me, and the mirror ball – let’s make some luminous memories! 🎉🎊🌟