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Assorted LED Mardi Gras Tube Bracelets Pack of 25


🎉 Festive Variety: Comes in vibrant Mardi Gras hues with four bracelets each in purple, green, and gold, ensuring there’s one for every event goer.

🌟 LED Brilliance: Each purple bracelet boasts a white LED, while green shines with a green LED, and yellow sparkles with a yellow LED, lighting up the festivities.

📏 One Size Charms All: With a flexible diameter stretching from 3 inches to 3.75 inches, these bracelets promise a snug fit for every wrist.

💚💜💛 Colorful Glow: Embrace Mardi Gras with aptly colored illumination – a wearable light show that dances with you.

🔋 Long-Lasting Fun: Equipped with 3 AG3 batteries, these bracelets are crafted for enduring celebration without the need for replacement.

🔄 Effortless Activation: A simple switch flip is all it takes to wrap your wrist in luminous Mardi Gras spirit.

🥳 Bulk Celebration: Perfect for sharing, these bracelets come in packs of 25, ready to be party favors or friendship bands.

✨ Easy Wear: Their flexible design makes them comfortable to put on and take off, adaptable to adults and children alike.

🍀🎭👑 Themed Brilliance: Reflect the essence of Mardi Gras with each color representing a piece of the festival’s heart and soul.

🌛 Nighttime Safety: Not only do they accessorize, but they also provide visibility during nighttime events, keeping safety stylish.

Quantity Price
1 $42.99
2 $42.59
3 $41.99
4 $41.59
5 $40.99
6 $39.99
7 $38.99
8 $37.99
9 $36.99
10+ $35.99

🎭 Hey there! I’m Piolo, the life and soul of the Mardi Gras parade, coming at you in a trio of dazzling LED tube bracelets! 💜💚💛

Rock your purple, green, and gold wrist bling and watch as your dance moves generate their own light show. My LED colors match my body – that’s right, I’m color-coordinated to perfection. 💃

Worried about size? Don’t be! I’ve got an adjustable diameter that ranges from cozy to comfortable, ensuring one size fits most. Snug or loose, I hug wrists like a happy boa constrictor – but more festive and less… squeezey. 🐍

I’m not just a pretty face with a battery compartment; I’m your night-time safety buddy. With a flip of a switch, I go from zero to hero, lighting up to guide you through Bourbon Street’s wildest parties. 🌟

Sold in increments of 25 because sharing is caring, especially during Mardi Gras. Pass me around; I’m here to make friends and illuminate wrists. 🤝

No need for batteries on your grocery list – I come with three AG3s already installed. They’re non-replaceable, but I promise to outlive even the longest of parties. 🔋

To get this light party started, just flip my switch and wrap me around your wrist. It’s like giving your hand a hug with benefits – the benefits being, of course, fabulous lights. ✨

When you’re wearing me, you’re not just adding a pop of color to your outfit; you’re becoming a beacon of Mardi Gras spirit, a true reveler that says, “I’m here to party and be seen!” 🎉

So whether you’re hitting up the clubs or strutting down the streets, remember: every wrist deserves a Piolo, and every party deserves our luminescent charm. Let’s light up this Mardi Gras like it’s never been lit before! 🥳