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12 Packs Assorted Red and Blue Light Up Toy Orbiter Spinning Wands

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2 $34.74
3 $34.49
4 $34.24
5 $33.99
6 $33.74
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10-11 $33.24
12+ $29.99
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Product Description

Sometimes spinning makes its presence known in subtle ways.

Be mesmerized with our 12 Packs, Assorted Red and Blue – Light Up Rave Anxiety Reliever Toy Orbiter Galaxy Spinning Magic Wands which are bound to be a crowd pleaser during parties.

Be visible at night and get the rave party started with this incredible orbiter wand. These could also be used as a cool prop during rave parties to keep you visible at night. These are great for ADD and ADHD sufferers and help relieve stress and increase focus.

To activate just press the on/off button and this wand will start spinning the matrix of the bright colors. The kids are going to love this product as a prize in a birthday loot bag.

This wand will spin 4 bright lights to create a light pattern. Best used in dark room.


LED Colors: 4 pcs LED (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

Battery: Preinstalled 3 AAA, replaceable.

Packaging: 12 PCS/ Display Box

This product is sold in an increments of 12. If you buy 1 you will get 12 pcs, when you buy 2 you well get 24 pcs, when you buy 3 you will get 36 pcs and so on.







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