Avoid This Hilarious Party Fail

Husband of the Year Award

Not only did this loving husband give his wife the party of her dreams, he also bragged about it all over the internet. This post on Imgur from 2013 is by this super spouse.

I do not think that means what you think it means

He claimed:

My wife wanted a run-of-the-mill birthday party. I asked her, "So just a generic party?" This is the result. Thanks to redditor Squirrelconnect for posting this Imgur link and giving me the idea. http://imgur.com/mJVvS4s

Know Thy Father

By the time you are 13,  your really should know how big a smartass your dad is. I mean all dads are smartasses, right? But it takes a huge wise guy to pull this off on his kid.


Generic Birthday

Apparently the kid told the dad he wanted a "Generic Birthday." Pretty clever of the dad, and I bet the kid got a kick out of it.

( Originally published on https://imgur.com/mJVvS4s )
( Originally published on https://imgur.com/mJVvS4s )