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Pink EL Fanny Pack Belly Bag with Easy Release Clip

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3-4 $11.89
5-6 $11.79
7-9 $11.49
10-15 $11.29
16-19 $11.09
20-23 $10.99
24+ $9.99
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Product Description

Our Pink EL Fanny Pack Belly Bag with Easy Release Clip is enough to hold a phone, wallet, cards, keys, and your other personal belongings during your rave party. The pink shade makes a gorgeous ambient glow. You can hang this at any angle over denim, sweatpants – you name it.

The color of EL wire matches the color of the fanny pack  in which four (4) diverse modes are showcased upon activated. The belt strap is adjustable with a plastic buckle. The pack has two (2) zippered compartments on the front. The large compartment can accommodate cell phones or wallet while small dividers inside can hold your valuable cards. One hidden back zippered compartment for extra storage. The battery pack is stored in the smallest compartment; run time depends on setting, average running time is 24 hours with one set of batteries.

Dimension: 13” wide and 5” tall

Modes: On, Show, Flash, and Fast flash

Strap: 31”-41” fits most.

Battery: AAA, not included.


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