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LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Silver Sequins


  1. ✨ Shine bright with the LED Flashing Fedora’s white lights, perfect for standing out in any crowd and lighting up the night.
  2. 🔄 Easy on the go, simply press the button inside the hat to switch between Flash, Blink, and Steady light modes.
  3. 🔋 Equipped with 2 CR2032 batteries, your sparkling fedora is ready to glow all night long – and they’re replaceable too!
  4. 🎩 With a one-size-fits-most design, this fedora comfortably fits any head up to 22 inches – style for every size!
  5. 💡 Be the life of the party! The LEDs reflect off the sequins, creating a mesmerizing light show that’s sure to impress.
  6. 🌟 Durable and designed for multiple uses, switch out the batteries, and keep the party going event after event.
  7. 📏 Compact dimensions mean your flashy fedora is not just a statement piece but also a comfortable fit for all.
  8. 💃🕺 Dance the night away without a worry – the secure battery pack stays hidden, ensuring uninterrupted fun and style.
  9. 🌃 Perfect for nighttime events, this fedora’s white LED lights ensure you’re the brightest star under the stars.
  10. 🆕 Fresh and ready for any occasion, your LED Fedora Hat is the modern twist on classic style – be dapper, be dazzling.
Quantity Price
1-2 $6.49
3-5 $6.44
6-11 $6.39
12-23 $6.34
24-95 $6.19
96-239 $6.09
240-479 $5.99
480-959 $5.69
960+ $5.39

Hey there, fashionista! I’m Marco, the LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Silver Sequins, and I’m here to light up your life! ✨🎩💡

Are you ready to be the center of attention at your next party? Look no further, because I’ve got you covered – literally! With my shiny silver sequins and cool LED lights, I’m the accessory you never knew you needed, until now. 🥳👑

To activate my charm, just press the button on my secret battery pack hidden inside. Then, watch as I cycle through my three fabulous LED functions: Flash, Blink, and Steady. I’m like a disco ball for your head, but way cooler and way more portable. 💃🕺

One size fits all? You betcha! Whether you have a petite melon or a grand pumpkin, I’ll snugly sit atop up to a 22-inch noggin. And with replaceable CR2032 batteries, I’m not just a one-night stand. I’m in it for the long haul, baby! 🔋😉

Perfect for parties, classy night events, or even Valentine’s Day – because nothing says “I love you” like a flashing hat, right? Trust me, wear me once, and you’ll be the talk of the town. People will point and say, “Look at that sassy headgear!” And you’ll say, “That’s Marco, my LED Flashing Fedora!” 🌟🎉

Remember, when life gives you darkness, be the light – quite literally, with me on your head. So, grab your Marco, and let’s make every event an unforgettable light show! 🎆👨‍🎤

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