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Adjustable Oval Mood Ring


🕰️ Embrace vintage chic with the Adjustable Oval Mood Ring, a throwback to classic fashion with a modern twist.

🌈 Experience the magic with our color-changing Mood stone that reflects your inner emotions in vibrant hues.

🔮 The oval Mood stone offers a glimpse into your psyche, adding mystique to your everyday look.

👌 Perfect for lovers of understated elegance, its sophisticated design complements any outfit.

📏 Adjustable fit ensures the Oval Mood Ring is comfortable for any finger size, making it a versatile accessory.

🎨 The ring’s palette shifts with your feelings, providing a unique way to express your current state of mind.

🕒 Timeless appeal keeps the Adjustable Oval Mood Ring in vogue, transcending fleeting trends with its enchanting presence.

🎁 Ideal for any event, this Mood Ring is a conversation starter and a memorable gift that keeps on giving.

📜 Comes complete with a Mood Ring Chart to interpret the stone’s kaleidoscope of colors.

💎 Crafted for longevity, the high-quality construction of the ring promises enduring durability and style.

Quantity Price
1-35 $2.49
36-71 $2.44
72-107 $2.39
108-143 $2.34
144-179 $2.29
180-215 $2.19
216-251 $2.09
252-277 $1.99
278+ $1.59

Hey there, I’m Mr. Moodie, the ring with more personality than your favorite sitcom character! 🌈😄

Step into the world of retro fashion with a twist of mood-reading magic. My oval stone isn’t just any gem; it’s a psychic powerhouse, ready to broadcast your emotions in a spectrum of colors. Feeling blue? I’ve got you covered. Green with envy? Me too! 😏💍

Crafted for those with a love for sophistication and a hint of mystery, I’m the Sherlock Holmes of accessories – always deducing how you’re really feeling. 🕵️‍♂️🔍

Forget about diamonds; I’m the ring that truly knows you. It doesn’t matter if decades have passed since mood rings became the rage; I’m timeless, like that one joke that always cracks you up. 😂👴

Strut me on any finger, and I adjust with grace – no yoga required. My high-quality construction ensures I’m as durable as your childhood teddy bear but way more fashionable. 🐻✨

And for those moments when you’re wondering, ‘What mood am I really in?’ fear not! I come with a Mood Ring Chart, because sometimes you need a translator for your own feelings. 📈🤷‍♀️

Now, let’s whisk away to a tale of Tara’s terrific party preparation. As she slipped me on, her guests were in for a surprise. Each handshake revealed a different hue, telling a story of her party-planning blues. But as the night unfolded and the music played, I glimmered with joyous shades of jade. With every laugh, every dance, every merry encounter, I shone with the colors of an unforgettable night. 🎉💃

In a world of plain bands and predictable jewels, be the one who wears their heart on their… ring? Choose Mr. Moodie, and let’s color the town with your truest hues! 🎨💖