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Rubber Frosted Yellow Bracelet


  • 💡Spectacular Yellow LED Light: Willow lights up in a vibrant yellow hue, instantly making you the life of any party or event.
  • 🧡Glowing Orange Band: Willow’s band glows orange when turned on, adding a magical touch to your party look.
  • ⚙️User-friendly Operation: With a simple flip switch on the side, you can activate Willow for a steady light function.
  • 🔄Replaceable Batteries: Willow comes equipped with two replaceable CR1625 batteries, ensuring the party never has to stop!
  • 🎈Stretches to Fit: Willow’s band can stretch up to 4″ in diameter, making it suitable for wrists of different sizes.
  • ⚖️Lightweight Design: Despite its bright personality, Willow weighs only about 0.045 lbs, making it comfortable to wear for long durations.
  • 🎉Perfect Party Accessory: Be it a birthday bash, concert, or festival, Willow is the perfect accessory to elevate your style.
  • 🔋Long-lasting Power: The replaceable batteries provide long-lasting illumination, keeping the fun going all night long.
  • 📏One Size Fits All: The band’s stretchable design ensures a snug and comfortable fit for everyone.
  • 👍Durability and Comfort: Willow sports a hard orange shell for durability while maintaining comfort with its soft, stretchable band.
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-8 $2.24
9-11 $2.19
12-71 $2.14
72-143 $2.09
144-287 $1.99
288-575 $1.89
576-1151 $1.79
1152+ $1.74

👋 Hello, I’m Willow! 😁 Your very own Yellow LED Steady Illumination Stretch Bracelet and I’m here to ensure your party never fades into the background. 💛

I sport a fashionable orange hard shell, not only for looks, but to keep my radiant personality intact! 💪💥 I come with a soft, stretchable band that glows orange when turned on, fitting comfortably around your wrist like a warm hug. 🤗🧡

Lighting up in an alluring yellow hue, I’m the perfect accessory to ensure you’re the life of the party! 🎉💃 The cool part is, you can easily activate me by flipping the switch on my side for a steady light function. 🕺💡

I don’t believe in dimming down either. My vibrant personality is powered by two replaceable CR1625 batteries, so when I start getting low, just switch them out and I’ll be as bright as new! 🔋✨

In terms of size, my band can stretch up to 4″ in diameter. I’m quite flexible that way, adapting to different sizes, and embracing all wrists I encounter. 📏🎈And, although I’m packed full of energy, I only weigh about 0.045 lbs, as light as a feather!🪶⚖️

So, if you’re looking for a lively, charming and radiant companion for your next party, concert, or festival, look no further. I, Willow, am ready to light up your life! 🥳💛

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