Red and Green Flashing Wearable Christmas Lights Necklace


• Necklace Length: 40 in.
• Bulb Size: 1″
• LED Colors: 4 Green, 4 Red
• Batteries: Includes 2 pre-installed, replaceable CR1220 Batteries.


1-2 $3.29
3-5 $3.24
6-8 $3.19
9-11 $3.14
12-71 $3.09
72-143 $3.04
144-287 $2.99
288-575 $2.89
576+ $2.59

Each year Christmas comes and goes. Make it memorable with our special Red and Green Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace. These are high quality necklaces that will last the whole Christmas season. Like many of our other light up products, these make great stocking stuffers and great gifts for the kids or loved ones. Of course these are the best for Christmas parties. Just imagine all your friends drunk as can be on delicious eggnog with red and green lights sparkling around their necks. Its hard to know if the lights or the eggnog contribute more to the Christmas spirit.
To activate your Flashing Lights Christmas Necklace, remove pull-tab and press button on battery house for 3 light functions: Flash, Blink, Light Pulse/Flash Combo
Red and Green Flashing Bulb Necklaces have 8 bright LEDs and a breakaway clasp on the lanyard.
Necklace Length: Approx. 40″ – Bulb Size: 1″ – LED Colors: 4 Green, 4 Red – Includes 2 pre-installed, replaceable CR1220 Batteries.