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Red and Green Flashing Wearable Christmas Lights Necklace


  • 🎄 Festive Holiday Colors: Venus, the LED Christmas Jewelry Light Necklace, adorns you with radiant red and green LED bulbs. Whether you’re stepping out for an office Christmas party or a holiday get-together, I’ll make sure you’re shining brighter than any Christmas tree! 🎄
  • 🔴 Eye-Catching LEDs: With 8 bright LEDs — 4 in red and 4 in green — I turn you into a living, breathing Christmas spectacle. Forget about boring, non-illuminated jewelry; I am here to revolutionize how you celebrate the holidays! 🔴
  • 💡 Multiple Light Modes: Who said you’ve got to stick with just one way to shine? I come equipped with three fantastic light modes: Flash, Blink, and a slower blinky function. That’s right, you can switch your style as quickly as you switch holiday songs! 💡
  • 🔋 Easy Battery Replacement: Powered by two CR1220 batteries, I’ll light up your holidays without a hitch. And the best part? The batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring you won’t run out of Christmas spirit or brightness! 🔋
  • 🎁 Ideal Stocking Stuffer: Tired of giving socks and candles? I’m a Blinky Bulbs stocking stuffer that’s affordable and delightful, fitting perfectly in holiday stockings. Be the Santa Claus that everyone wishes for with a truly unique gift! 🎁
  • 👌 Effortless Activation: I’m all about making things simple for you. To light up your Christmas, just remove the pull-tab and press the button on my battery house. It’s so easy, even a reindeer could do it! 👌
  • ⚖️ Light as a Feather: With a weight of just 0.083 lbs and dimensions that measure a necklace length of approximately 40 inches and bulbs that are 1 inch, I won’t weigh you down. Enjoy your holiday parties with absolute comfort! ⚖️
  • 🔒 Safety First: Let’s face it, the holiday season can get a little wild. That’s why I come with a breakaway clasp on the lanyard. It makes removing me a breeze, ensuring that you can party hard and stay safe! 🔒
  • 👥 Universal Holiday Fun: Whether you’re at an office Christmas party or a family holiday bash, I’m the perfect accessory. One size fits all, so everyone from your boss to your grandma can join in the blinky bulbs fun! 👥
  • 🎉 Multipurpose Marvel: While I’m ideal as a standalone Christmas gift, I also make for a fabulous accessory at holiday parties, ugly sweater competitions, or even as dinner table decor. With Venus, the possibilities are endless! 🎉
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.29
3-5 $3.24
6-8 $3.19
9-11 $3.14
12-71 $3.09
72-143 $3.04
144-287 $2.99
288-575 $2.89
576+ $2.59

🎄🔴 Hello there, marvelous humans! My name is Venus, the luminous, the illustrious, the absolutely bedazzling Blinky Bulbs Christmas Jewelry Light Necklace! 🎅💚

🎉 Have you ever thought, “Hmmm, I’d love to wrap Christmas lights around my neck, but, you know, safely”? Well, that’s basically my jam. With me, you can jingle and blink your way through the holiday season without causing a citywide blackout. 🎉

🔴🟢 I come in glorious red and green LED colors, making me the ultimate head-turner at any Christmas gathering. Whether it’s an office Christmas party, a holiday bash with friends, or even as an affordable Christmas party accessory for your entire crew, I’ve got you covered. Literally. 🟢🔴

🎁 Imagine reaching into a stocking and pulling me out! Not only am I a perfect fit as a stocking stuffer, but I’m also a delightful holiday gift that’s easy on both the wallet and the eyes. Seriously, I should be on a “best budget gifts” list somewhere! 🎁

👆 Activating me is a piece of Christmas cake. Simply remove the pull-tab and press the button on my battery house. Voila! I’ve got three different light modes: Flash, Blink, and a more mellow slower blinky function. Talk about versatile! 👆

💡 Oh, and don’t worry about me running out of glow. I operate on two CR1220 batteries that you can replace anytime. My light will shine on like a holiday star! 🌟

📏 Let’s talk dimensions. My necklace length is approximately 40 inches, and each of my bulbs is a cute 1 inch in size. Weighing in at only 0.083 lbs, I’m so lightweight you’ll forget I’m there. Well, until you see me light up the room, of course! 📏

👍 And hey, safety first! I’ve got a breakaway clasp on my lanyard, making it easy to remove me in case of any holiday hijinks or accidental tugs. 👍

🕺💃 So, what are you waiting for? Add some LED Christmas jewelry light necklace glam to your festivities! Whether you’re going solo or want to be the shining star of your group, remember: the more, the merrier! 🕺💃

😄 Don’t just decorate your house this Christmas; decorate yourself! After all, when you wear Venus, every holiday event becomes an unforgettable light show! 🎄🌟😄

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