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Red LED Nerd Glasses


• Dimensions:  6″ x 6″ x 2″
• LED Colors: Red
• Batteries: 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.79
3-5 $3.74
6-8 $3.69
9-11 $3.64
12-47 $3.59
48-95 $3.49
96-287 $3.39
288-575 $3.29
576-1007 $3.19
1008+ $3.09

😎”Hey there, folks! I’m Ravishing Randy, your quintessential companion for every party, your ticket to instant popularity! How, you ask? Well, I’m not just any glasses; I’m Red Cool Shades LED Party Glasses!😎

With 12 high-powered LEDs loaded, I can guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you hit the dance floor. Get ready to outshine the disco ball!🕺

And let’s talk about style. My mid-level tinted lenses are not just about looking cool, but they also add a certain mystery to your persona. Remember, being mysterious is always in vogue!🔮

Worried about power? I’m powered by three AG13 batteries, and the best part, they’re replaceable! So, our party never needs to stop. Plus, I’m as light as a feather at just 0.12 lbs! You won’t even know I’m there…until you start turning heads, of course!💡

So, how do you get the party started with me? Just remove the pull tab, press the button located on the battery house behind the ear, and watch as I light up your world. I come with three incredible LED functions: Blink, Flash, and Steady. It’s like having a personal light show right on your face!🎆

So, folks, are you ready to join me, Ravishing Randy, your 6x6x2 Inch LED Party Glasses? Put me on, and together we’ll make every moment shine brighter. Let’s get this party started!🥳”

  • 😎 Step into the spotlight with Ravishing Randy, your Red Cool Shades LED Party Glasses, making every party a spectacle to remember. 🌟
  • 🔴 Embrace the power of 12 red LEDs, bringing the disco to your dance moves and the party to your persona. 💃
  • 🕶 Experience style and mystery with the mid-level tinted lenses, a perfect blend of function and fashion. 🧐
  • 🔋 Powered by three AG13 batteries, enjoy an uninterrupted, dazzling light show, right on your face! 🌈
  • 🎈 Weighing just 0.12 lbs, Ravishing Randy is a lightweight accessory, promising comfort and coolness in equal measures. 🍃
  • 👓 At 6″ x 6″ x 2″, these LED Party Glasses are a perfect fit, bringing light-up fun to faces of all sizes! 🌐
  • 💡 Turn on the fun in an instant! Just remove the pull tab and press the button for a burst of LED action. 🎉
  • 🚦 Customize your look with 3 different LED functions: Blink, Flash, and Steady. It’s a personal light show at your command! 🎛️
  • 🔁 Replaceable batteries mean never-ending fun. With Ravishing Randy, the party never has to stop! 🔄
  • 🎁 The perfect accessory for party lovers, Ravishing Randy promises to elevate every event with a splash of LED brilliance. 🎇

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