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Mardi Gras Tube Necklace


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With our Mardi Gras Tube Necklace you’ll never feel old. Wear flashing LED’s of purple, green and gold. Get some flashing necklaces. Oh what the heck. Its fun to have light chasing round and round your neck. – To activate, push the black button located on the battery housing. – This necklace attaches magnetically. – To attach, simply pull apart the magnetic piece, put the necklace around your neck and attach in the back. – Enjoy! Diameter (When attached): 8.25 in. , 20.95 cm. Length (When not attached): 25 in. , 63.5 cm. LED Colors: 1 Jade, 1 Purple, 1 Yellow Batteries: Includes 3 Replaceable AG3 Batteries.

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Add some batteries too! AG13 Batteries

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