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Double Multicolor Motion Activated Saber with Star Wars Sounds


LED Colors: Red | Green | Blue
Batteries: (4) AAA, Replaceable
Dimensions: Single Saber Length: 25″; Double Saber Length: 50″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.722 lbs


1-2 $11.39
3-5 $11.29
6-11 $10.99
12-71 $10.39
72-143 $10.09
144-287 $9.89
288-575 $9.69
576-1151 $9.49
1152+ $9.29

To activate your Double Multicolor Motion Activated Saber with Star Wars Sounds, remove pull tabs from each handle & press each button to cycle through 4 wild light functions – so many color change options to choose from, plus realistic sound effects. One half of this saber comes with attachment piece already in its handle end. Just line it up to other saber’s handle end, push them together, and TWIST to lock in place. NOTE: Last light function has no sound with calming slow color change lights for the peaceful warrior. LED Colors: Blue, Red & Green combine to make every color in the rainbow. Single Saber Length: 25″ Double Saber Length: 50″ Comes ready to use with 4 replaceable AAA Batteries.