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LED Rave PLUR Heart Wand with Crystal Ball


🌈 LED Colors: Decked in dashing Red & Blue hues for a double dose of dazzle. Perfect for night-time brilliance.

🔋 Batteries: Equipped with four AG13 power cells, replaceable to keep the party going endlessly.

📏 Dimensions: At 9.50″ x 4.25″, it’s the ideal size for easy-carry and effortless magic-making at any event.

✨ Activation: A simple pull tab removal & button press on the handle awakens 4 spectacular flashing functions.

🎆 Flashy Fun: Cycle through various light shows with ease, ensuring you’re the shining star wherever you go.

🎉 Party-Perfect: The Rave Lights Heart Wand is the ultimate accessory for festivals, raves, and birthday bashes.

🧒 Kid-Friendly: Just the right size for little hands to join in and cast their adorable spells of cuteness.

💃 Dance Ready: Lightweight & durable, it’s designed to withstand the wildest of dance moves.

🔄 Endless Joy: With replaceable batteries, your wand is a companion that never fades, night after night.

🌟 Star Quality: Stand out in any crowd with a wand that’s as charming as it is vibrant, making every moment memorable.

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.69
3-5 $2.64
6-11 $2.59
12-47 $2.54
48-95 $2.49
96-239 $2.44
240-479 $2.39
480-959 $2.34
960+ $2.29

Oh, hello there! I’m Gladys, the Rave Lights Party Heart Wand, here to bring a sparkle to your shindig! 👋💖 Imagine me as the fairy godmother of fun, transforming a drab evening into a neon-lit extravaganza with just a flick of my heart-shaped head and a twinkle from my LED-studded stem. 💃✨

Let me tell you, I’m not your average wand. I come with a posh profile of 9.50″ x 4.25″, decked out in the finest LED colors known to partykind: ravishing Red and brilliant Blue. My energies? Oh, darling, I’m powered by four AG13 batteries, which you can totally replace to keep the magic alive. 🎉🔋

Now, to unleash my luminous charm, simply whisk away that pull tab like a pesky cobweb and tap the button on my handle. Voilà! You’ll have four fabulous flashing functions at your fingertips. It’s like having a disco in your hand! 🕺💡

But wait, there’s more! Not only am I the life of the party for the big kids at raves, festivals, or in the club, but I’m also dainty enough for your little munchkin to wield. Imagine them casting ‘cute’ spells left and right, leaving a trail of ‘awws’ in their wake. 😍✨

And when the night comes to an end? Fear not! I’m a breeze to deactivate, ready to rest up for the next wild adventure. So, whether it’s for your daughter’s birthday bash or your own escapade under the stars, remember, nothing says “Let’s party!” quite like a glowing heart wand waved by the one and only Gladys—that’s me! 🌟🥳

Bring me along, and you’re not just holding a wand; you’re holding the power to ignite smiles, laughter, and a whole lot of ‘Where did you get that?!’ Trust me, I’m the sidekick you never knew you needed, until now. Let’s make those memories glow! 🌈👑