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Jumbo Size Light Up Star Crystal Wand


  • Enchanting Light Display: Wave around the wonder of 4 red, 4 white, and 4 green LEDs to cast a captivating glow at any gathering. 🌟🎨🔦
  • Magical Trio of Colors: Red, white, and green lights bring the festive spirit of a Christmas wonderland to life in your very own hands. 🎄❤️💚
  • Power that Lasts: Equipped with 3 AAA batteries to keep the starlight shining bright, ensuring a night full of magic and fun. 🔋✨🌃
  • Effortless Battery Change: Swap out the AAA batteries with ease and get right back to the enchantment—no complicated spells needed! 🔧🔄🔮
  • Starlight Wand Span: Measuring a majestic 21 inches, this wand is the perfect accessory for would-be wizards, fairies, and festive revelers. 📏🧚‍♂️🧙
  • Triple Light Modes: With a simple button press, toggle between three different light modes to suit the mood of your magical event. 🎛️💫🎉
  • Festive Flashing Fun: Each LED flashes brilliantly, bringing dynamic energy to parties, parades, and holiday celebrations. 🎇🤩🎊
  • Sturdy & Spellbinding: A robust build ensures that your magical moments aren’t cut short by flimsy construction. 🏗️🔨✨
  • Versatile Party Prop: Ideal for Christmas cheer, Halloween haunts, or any costume party requiring a touch of whimsy. 🎅👻🎭
  • Celestial Star Top: The clear star at the wand’s tip projects light patterns, creating a starry spectacle wherever it’s pointed. 🌠🔦🌌
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.09
3-5 $5.07
6-8 $5.04
9-11 $4.99
12-71 $4.94
72-143 $4.89
144-287 $4.79
288-575 $4.69
576+ $4.59

Hello, human folks! I’m Wonder, your trusty 21” Jumbo Star Wand, and let me tell you, I’m not just a stick with a star on top. I’m the life of the party wrapped up in a magic wand! 🌟

Do you dream of turning your bedroom into a disco or casting spells that light up the night? My friends, with one wave of me, Wonder, you’ll have lights dancing on the walls like it’s 1979! 🕺

Let’s get down to the sparkly specs. I’m packed with 4 red, 4 white, and 4 green LEDs that can make Santa’s sleigh look like amateur hour. My lights flash faster than a reindeer on a sugar rush! 🦌💨

Worried about power? Fear not! I come with (3) AAA batteries that are as replaceable as your ex. Just pop them in, and I’m ready to outshine the North Star. 🔋✨

At a whopping 21 inches, I’m the Merlin of wands, minus the old-school wizard hat. Whether you’re a princess trapped in a tower or a wizard in a wardrobe crisis, I’m your go-to for a little extra pizzazz. 👑

Activate my magic with a simple pull tab and a press of the button on my handle. With 3 mesmerizing light modes, I’m ready for any enchanting evening or mystical shindig! 🎉

But wait, there’s more! Ever tried to activate a Christmas Holly Pin? I’m just as easy – pull, press, and presto! You’re lit up like a Christmas tree, complete with a safety pin to keep things snug. 🎄

So, grab your capes and tiaras, because with me in your hand, you’re not just holding a wand; you’re holding a party that never ends. Are you ready to be the monarch of the night? Let’s light this candle! 🕯️✨