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White Cocktail Party Light Up Swizzle Stick Drink Stirrer


  • LED Colors: White
  • Batteries: (4) AG10, Replaceable
  • Dimensions: 1.37″ x 6.75″
  • Weight: 0.028 lbs


1-5 $1.89
6-8 $1.87
9-11 $1.84
12-71 $1.82
72-143 $1.79
144-287 $1.74
288-575 $1.69
576-1151 $1.64
1152+ $1.59

Hola! Allow me to introduce myself. I am your soon-to-be favorite party companion, the “Starlight Splash” Dual LED White Swizzle Stirrer. 🥂💫

One day, a business magnate just closed a hefty multimillion peso deal. To celebrate, he wanted to do something special and extraordinary for his toast. That’s when he thought of me, the beacon of brilliance for his party.🥳🍹

I am not just a drink stirrer, but a spectacle of light that will turn any ordinary drink into a glorious glowing masterpiece. Every swirl of me will make your cocktail twirl with an effervescence that’s as victorious as your multimillion peso deal. 💼🍸💰

With my clear circle top and frosted battery house, I am your elegant accessory for any cocktail party. My body houses 2 white LEDs that shine bright and steady—one towards my crown and the other deep into my swizzle stick body. And guess what? No blinking—just consistent, radiant light! ✨🔦

I’m a slim and stylish character with a length of 6.75 inches and a weight of a mere 0.028 lbs. Plus, I have replaceable AG10 batteries, meaning our party never has to stop! Twist my top and behold the illumination. Don’t I sound irresistible already? 🌟💃🎉

Packed with all this charm and style, you bet I’m an exquisite way to celebrate your 4th of July or any other special occasion. Whether you are a business tycoon or a party enthusiast, I am all you need to make your celebration one-of-a-kind. 🎆🇺🇸🍾

So why wait? Dive into the celebration with me, your “Starlight Splash” Dual LED White Swizzle Stirrer, and let’s light up the night together! Cheers! 🍻💙

  • 🌟 Captivating dual LEDs: Each “Starlight Splash” Swizzle Stirrer houses 2 white LEDs that shine steadily, creating an alluring glow that enlivens your cocktails. ✨🍸
  • 🔄 Easy Activation: By simply twisting the clear circle top, you can bring me to life and let your celebration shine bright with an LED spectacle. 🔆🔄
  • ⏳ Long-lasting Shine: Powered by four AG10 batteries, I ensure a long-lasting glow to keep your party lively. Even better, my batteries are replaceable! 🔋⌛
  • 🎊 Perfect for Any Occasion: From 4th of July to cocktail parties or any special celebration, I bring an extra splash of sparkle to your beverages. 🎈🍹
  • 📏 Perfect Size: At 6.75 inches in length and a lightweight 0.028 lbs, I am the ideal size to stir and light up your drinks! 🍷👌
  • 💎 Elegant Design: My clear circle top, frosted battery house, and clear stick with bubbles within, add a touch of sophistication to any cocktail. 🍸💎
  • 💡 Steady Light, No Blinks: Unlike other stirrers, I emit a constant, bright light from top to bottom of my body – no annoying blinking. 📊💡
  • 🔄 Reusable: Enjoy your illuminated cocktail time and time again. Simply replace the batteries and keep the light-show going. 🔄🔁
  • 🎁 Unique Gift Idea: Looking for a special gift? I make a wonderful surprise for the party lover in your life! 🎂🎁
  • 💼 Ideal for Celebratory Toasts: Closing a business deal? Celebrate in style and make your toast memorable with me, your Starlight Splash Swizzle Stirrer. 🥂💼