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Red Spin Activated LED Light Up EDC Fidget Spinner

1-2 $2.79
3-5 $2.74
6-8 $2.69
9-11 $2.24
12-47 $2.19
48-95 $2.14
96-239 $2.09
240-479 $2.04
480-1151 $1.99
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Product Description

Fiery! Feisty! This is more than just a fidget toy!

A state of the art Red Spin-Activated Light Up Fidget Spinners are specially designed for you!

This Red Spin-activated Light up Fidget Spinners is coined to help increase and improve the focus of those with ADHD and autism, and helps release stress and anxieties.

Not just that!

This is also a perfect give-away for your loved ones, friends and colleagues for all occasions!

Convenient! Reasonable! Moderate!

This is very easy to operate, just spin your Red Spin-activated Light up Fidget Spinners & watch the lights automatically flash. Stop spinning & the lights shut off just like that!

Colors of life!

Installed with White, Blue, and Green LED Colors to ignite your room which also includes pre-installed, non-replaceable long lasting batteries!