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LED Unicorn Bubble Wand

Dimensions: 12 Inches
LED Colors: Blue, Green and Red
Mode: Flash, Blink and Steady
Free 2 Bubble Solutions
Batteries:3 Replaceable AA Batteries pre-installed


1-2 $7.09
3-7 $7.04
8-11 $6.99
12-47 $6.89
48-95 $6.59
96-398 $6.39
399-998 $5.99
999+ $5.89
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Product Description

Dimensions: 12

LED Colors: Green | Blue | Red
Weight: 1.173 lbs
Modes: Slow change/blinky light function.
Batteries: (3) AA, Replaceable

No Music

Free 2 Bubble Solutions


To assemble, make sure both of rubber tubes at the end of wand are inside the liquid bottle. Secure bottle to wand by screwing clockwise.

To activate your LED Bubble Wand, remove the pull tab and flip the switch. Move switch to the UP position for bubbles, and a slow change/blinky light function. Move switch to the DOWN position a slow change/blinky light function (no bubbles). Bring switch back to the middle to shut off.

Please note, keep wand in upright position when bubbles are activated.

Add more AA Batteries here.

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