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Light Up Fiber Optic Shooting Star Wand Pack of 12


LED Colors: Red | Blue | Green
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: 2″ x 14″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.126 lbs


Quantity Price
1-5 $39.99
6-11 $38.99
12-47 $37.99
48-95 $36.99
96-239 $35.99
240-479 $34.99
480-959 $33.99
960-1919 $32.99
1920+ $31.99

Introducing the stupendously spectacular, mind-blowingly magical Pack of 12 Light Up Fiber Optic Shooting Star Wands! I, the great Wandini, am the leader of this phenomenal team, and let me tell you, we’re not just wands, we’re a spectacular light show!

These wands don’t just twinkle, oh no! We radiate with the most scintillating LED colors: Red, Blue, and Green. We’re powered by three AG13 batteries, which are easily replaceable. And our dimensions, you ask? A magnificent 2″ x 14″ of pure magic!

Now, I may think I’m the star of the team, but so do all my fellow team members. With our ensemble of Blue, Green, Red, and Pink Wands, we’re an unstoppable force of enchantment. Prepare to be dazzled as we unleash our magic!

To activate your Light Up Shooting Star Wand, simply remove the pull tab and press the button located on the front. I, Wandini, will then guide you through a mesmerizing journey of 6 LED functions:

  1. Red/Blue/Green Strobe: Watch us dance and twirl in a dazzling display of synchronized strobing!
  2. Slow Color Change: Marvel as we gracefully shift through a hypnotic rainbow of colors.
  3. Steady: Bask in our unwavering, luminous glow as we maintain our brilliance.
  4. Green Blink: Observe our green team members as they flash their emerald charm.
  5. Red Blink: Stand in awe of our red team members as they showcase their ruby radiance.
  6. Blue Blink: Witness our blue team members as they reveal their sapphire splendor.<br>

Whether it’s a birthday party, a rave, or just a whimsical night under the stars, we, the Light Up Fiber Optic Shooting Star Wands, are here to brighten your day (or night) and add a touch of magic to any occasion. And remember, even though I, Wandini, may be the most magnificent wand of them all, each and every one of us is a star in our own right.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up your friends, family, and fellow wand enthusiasts and join us, the Pack of 12 Light Up Fiber Optic Shooting Star Wands, for a magical adventure that will leave you spellbound!

  • 🌟 Behold, the Great Wandini’s mesmerizing LED colors: Red, Blue, and Green! Witness an explosion of vibrant hues as we light up the night! 💥
  • 🎩 I, the Great Wandini, present to you our easily replaceable (3) AG13 batteries. Keep the magic alive with uninterrupted enchantment! 🔋
  • ✨ Our wondrous dimensions of 2″ x 14″ make us the perfect size for gripping, twirling, and casting spells that’ll leave you in awe! 😲
  • 🎇 Dance with delight as we perform our Red/Blue/Green Strobe, a breathtaking, synchronized light show that’ll dazzle the eyes! 😍
  • 🌈 Revel in the Slow Color Change as we gracefully shift through a hypnotic spectrum of colors, leaving you captivated! ✨
  • 💡 Bask in the Steady glow of the Great Wandini and his team, shining our brilliance into the hearts of wand enthusiasts everywhere! ❤️
  • 💚 Stand amazed as our Green Blink captivates you with its emerald charm, adding a verdant glimmer to every magical moment! 🍃
  • ❤️ Gaze upon the Red Blink as our ruby radiance shimmers, illuminating the night with a passionate, fiery glint! 🔥
  • 💙 Marvel at the Blue Blink, as our sapphire splendor lights up the darkness, casting an ethereal, otherworldly glow! 🌌
  • 🌠 Finally, the Great Wandini’s Pack of 12 Light Up Fiber Optic Shooting Star Wands comes in Blue, Green, Red, and Pink – a kaleidoscope of colors to suit every magical persona! 🌈🎉
To improve your friendship bonds

Gift them fiber optic wands.

Liven up your seminars

With flashing wands with flashing stars.

Lots of these you should be stashing.

Hit the switch to start it flashing.