Deluxe Assorted Light Sabers


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Camping out all night for tickets, it’s dark You won’t always have bright lights from the park With our light sabers you won’t have to bother And don’t worry, Luke, I am NOT your father. You don’t have to cry, you don’t need a tissue With our blinking light sbers, the force will be with you Each wand has 30 LED lights that make it easy to see day or night. The 30 LED Assorted Color LightSabers do not flash or blink. Press the button on the front of the handle once to activate and once to turn off. Each pack of 12 has 4 Red, 4 Jade and 4 Blue swords. Adding one to your cart gets you one saber. – Height: 28.50 in. , 72.39 cm. Width: 1.12 in. , 2.84 cm. – LED Colors: 30 Red, 30 Blue, 30 Jade – Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. –