3 Star Red White Blue Wand


LED Colors: Red | White | Blue
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: 13.5″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.21 lbs


1-2 $2.99
3-5 $2.94
6-8 $2.89
9-11 $2.84
12-47 $2.79
48-95 $2.74
96-239 $2.69
240-479 $2.64
480+ $2.59

Red, white and blue, flash in your hand. It’s not 4th of July, don’t misunderstand You just love the U.S. of A. And want to show it everyday Note: One size fits most. The plastic top of the ring is blue with blue LEDS. Each pack has an assortment of three rings styles. Dimensions: Height: 1.50 in. , 3.81 cm. Diameter: 1.87 in. , 8.88 cm. LED Colors: 3 Red Batteries: Batteries for this item are replaceable.

4TH OF JULY – This 3 Star Red White Blue Wand is perfect for 4th of July evening music festivals. The 3 bright LEDs are the perfect way to get positive attention from everyone. Whether you are a girl or a boy who is trying to draw attention on the night of the event, this light up star wand will look great with the rest of your costume or outfit.

PERFECTLY SIZED 3 STAR WAND– The grip of the wand fits the average sized fingers. This wand may also be appropriate for teens and older kids who need a prop wand for their guests or Memorial day costume. The dimensions are (LxWxH): 13.5″ x 2.75″ It’s sized for everyday use, but with light up flair.

RED WHITE BLUE LED LIGHT UP ACCESSORIES – Blinkee 3 Star Red White Blue Wand comes with a red white blue LED light all over the wand. The energy-efficient LED lights won’t get hot to the touch, so you can use this wand for hours without overheating or sweating.

LIGHT UP OPTIONS – Our LED light up 3 star wand comes with three lighting options. Choose between quickly flashing light function, a smooth transitioning light or blinking light. All come with 6 different light functions, simply press the small star button located on the flashing wand handle. These fun light up options will make you the life of the party.

BATTERY PACK – The 3 star wand is powered by 3 replaceable AG13 batteries. The small battery pack resides inside the grip of the wand to keep it hidden while it is being used. These easy to change batteries help you keep blinking for hours, without having to wait for them to recharge.