Light Up Pool Noodle

Light Up Beach Ball

Summer Lovin'

Slingshot Flying Helicopter with Multicolor LED

Flying Slingshot Helicopter

Stay out in the park late until dark and launch a flying slingshot helicoptor. It will launch over 50 feet in the air and spin down slowly in a dazzling show of multicolor lights.

Flying Ball Drone Helicopter Crystal Ball LED Aircraft with Limit Sensor

These fun party toys will keep the kids entertained for hours. Charge it up with USB and let it fly. Just put your hand under it and the limit sensor will send it back up a bit. You'll have a gang of kids running around the room playing at your next party.

Brighten Up Your Pool with Dazzling Waterproof Mood Spheres

Pop one in your pool at your next pool party. These lovely lights will jazz up any swim session.