Magic Matt Performs “Sleeping Beauty” on a Duncan Butterfly YoYo

Get your Duncan Butterfly YoYo here.

For all you YoYo fans, here is "Sleeping Beauty", "UFO", and Magic Matt's original YoYo trick "Sleeping Beauty's Kiss"

Magic Matt performs on a Duncan Butterfly YoYo, one of the original YoYo's.

In this video Magic Matt performs these YoYo tricks in his back yard with varying camera angles and close ups. The narrative of the video is as follows:

Hey everybody!

Magic Matt here from and I'm stuck at home because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

And because of this pandemic, it seems like the whole world has gone to sleep.

Everything's shut down.

People are quarantined in their homes.

People have to stay home.

People can't work.

You know how it is. Who am I telling?

I'm telling you, but know what's going on.

Anyway, it's like the whole world has gone to sleep, you know,.

Now for the segue, this could be just a simple sleeper.

This is my Dunkin butterfly yo-yo; one of the original yo-yos.

I had one of these in third grade as I've mentioned before.

So you can just do a simple sleeper.

That's just the simple sleeper trick.

And the Dunkin sleeps pretty well, but it doesn't sleep a whole long time cause it doesn't have a bearing. It's a fixed axle yo-yo.

But I like to use this cause this is the original type of YoYo and actually it takes a lot of skill to use these yo-yos compared to all the new fangled yo-yos.

So the next one that goes along with this segue of sleep is "Sleeping Beauty."

So this is called sleeping beauty and can also be done like the UFO.

And the cool thing about this trick is it actually winds the yoyo string.

So if the yoyo string is too loose, which it is right now, and you throw it forehand like this, and when you spin it, it actually spins the yoyo string and it makes it tighter.

And when you throw the YoYo backhand like this, it loosens the string and you want a loose string for certain tricks and a tight string for other tricks.

And here's even another trick for this one.

I have to point the camera a little bit lower at the ground.

Hey there, this one's called "Sleeping Beauty's Kiss" because it kisses off the ground.

Thanks everybody.

That's: "The Sleeper" "Sleeping Beauty", "UFO" "Sleeping, Beauty's Kiss", and that's it.

Those are all the tricks I did.

Thanks for watching!

Magic Matt.

We'll see you next time.

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