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Light Up Pool Noodle


🌈 Light up your night swimming with Poolito! Our LED Pool Noodle Float features color-changing Red, Blue, and Green LEDs for a mesmerizing experience.

🎉 Pool parties just got cooler! Bring Poolito to add a vibrant splash of color and fun – an instant conversation starter.

💡 Enjoy a unique, glowing spectacle as Poolito’s LEDs slowly color-change through a rainbow array of lights, creating a captivating aura in your pool.

🔄 Switch on the magic with just a press. Activate the LED lights using the easy-access blue dot button near the end of the pool noodle.

📏 Poolito measures 52″ x 2.5″, a perfect size to float and frolic with. Light up your fun, don’t let the darkness stop your swim!

⚖️ Weighing in at just 2.05 lbs, Poolito is lightweight for easy handling, yet sturdy enough for all your pool adventures.

🔋 No need to worry about power. Poolito comes equipped with two CR2032 batteries that are also replaceable, ensuring endless fun.

🔧 Battery replacement is a breeze. Just twist and pull the blue cap, remove the battery casing, switch the batteries, and you’re good to go!

💦 Perfectly designed to be your floating companion in the pool. Poolito, your glowing buddy for night swims.

🎁 The ideal gift for swimmers, pool party enthusiasts, or anyone who loves a splash of color and a dash of fun in their life.

Quantity Price
1-2 $14.99
3-5 $14.94
6-8 $14.89
9-11 $14.79
12-59 $14.69
60-119 $14.59
120-239 $14.29
240-479 $13.99
480+ $13.79

Hello there, I am Poolito, your new buddy for night swims! 🌙🏊‍♀️
Looking for a fun way to make your pool party more exciting? Here I am, a Light Up Pool Noodle Float ready to be your luminous companion! With me around, you can chillax under the starry sky while I change colors slowly, morphing with the waves of the water. 🌊💡
With my Red, Blue, and Green LED colors, I can turn your ordinary swim into an extraordinary one. Just press the blue dot button near my end and let me take care of the rest. 🌈🌌

Worried about my batteries? No worries! I come with (2) CR2032 replaceable batteries. My creators have made it super easy for you to replace them. All you need to do is twist and pull my blue cap, remove the battery casing, change the batteries, and put everything back. Easy peasy! 😉👍

Trust me, I am not your ordinary noodle. With my considerable 52″ x 2.5″ dimensions, I am the star of any pool party. And despite weighing only 2.05 lbs, I am sturdy enough to float around with you all night long. 🌟💫

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in with me, Poolito, and let’s make your night swims unforgettable! 🎉💧