Magic Matt Performs “Cold Fusion” on a Light Up Aurora LED YoYo by Magic YoYo

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In this video, long time YoYo aficionado Magic Matt performs "Cold Fusion" with his light up Aurora YoYo. This is the "first take" of this YoYo trick as Matt just learned the trick and in this video it certainly lacks polish, but what Matt lacks in technique he makes up with style and wit.

The narrative of the video follows:

Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from

You know, it's kind of chilly out here and we did have a warm spell here in Northern California for a while, but boy it got cold again.

And, you know, I want it to warm up because you know, we have this stay at home thing going on because of the Coronavirus and I don't know if it survives in the warm weather. There's some debate about whether it does or not, but if it warms up, maybe that'll help things along. I don't know.

I want to get back to work.

But it is kind of cold. I'm going to do this trick called "Cold Fusion" on my Aurora by Magic YoYo here. I'm out here at dusk because it's going to be a great effect to see this light up yo-yo in this low light situation.

So check it out.

That's cold fusion. I hit it. This is really cool. Look at this beautiful yoyo in this beautiful light.

So great to see you guys. Thanks for watching.

Magic Matt.

Until next time, keep smelling great and we'll see you soon.

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I'll talk to you soon.

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