Magic Matt performs “Slack Trapeze” in Sausalito on a Skyva Magic YoYo Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

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Playing on the boats and ropes theme, Magic Matt takes to the water to perform “Slack Trapeze” YoYo trick.

Matt shares a beautiful day in the bay with his cooped up viewers giving them a chance to make a virtual escape from cabin fever.

The transcript of the video follows:

Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from

I'm out here in this beautiful, beautiful spot. This is Sausalito and I'm loving it here. It's a beautiful day. It couldn't be more gorgeous. It's around 75 degrees as a nice light breeze, not too windy for yo-yo tricks.

I'm going to do a slack trick so the wind kind of can mess that up because the string is all slacky and then the wind can blow the string around where you don't want it to. It makes it difficult to do a trick.

But I thought a slack trick, you know slack ropes and there's a lot of ropes with sailing and all these beautiful boats.

And I'm going to show you a little montage of walking out here on this boat dock as well and just, see how lovely it is. Really beautiful.

So the trick I've got prepared for you today is called Slack trapeze.

And it's another one of the more simple slack tricks. And so slack tricks as opposed to other kinds of yo-yo tricks with normal yo-yo tricks. The string is just taught like this. It's in a straight line and it's taught. That's the plastic whip, by the way.

To bring the yoyo back, I have to bind it because this is an unresponsive yo-yo. That means when I put it down and pull it up, it doesn't pull up unless I give it a bind. Unless I give it a good bind. There we go.

And so this is called slack trapeze. It's pretty cool. Here you go.

It starts with a trapeze and I flip the yoyo off the string and then I whipp the string back around the yoyo and it goes into the trapeze and then I have to flip it over both hands to get it back to the regular trapeze and you have to be careful when you do that. Otherwise you could get a knot in the yoyo. You always have to be careful with yo-yos of course with knots and you know, sailors, knots, yada yada.

Okay, so anyway, slack, trapeze. Here we go.

Start off with a regular trapeze. Flip it off, pinch the string. That's the slack trapeze.

I'm going to edit it out, but it took me a couple of tries in this wind. The wind made it difficult, but I'll do a blooper video sometime and put those all back in, but thanks.

It's good to see ya.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with me and we'll see you next time.