Crystal Star Wand With Red White And Blue LEDs

12 Inch Light Up USA Flag Globe Bubble Multicolor Wand

Light up Toys - Safer than Fireworks

Fiber Optic Stars and Stripes Wand

Sure, Fireworks are Fun

We all love fireworks for the Fourth of July, but safety can be a factor. Exploding M80's and firecrackers can be dangerous to tiny hands, and sparklers, smoke bombs,  ground spinners, Roman candles and bottle rockets are notorious for starting fires.


A Safer Alternative

Light up toys will provide the same excitement as fireworks without the danger. As an added bonus, our light up fourth of July party favors will call attention to your kids when they are out in the street

Drink Patriotically

Light up drinking glasses add some flair to your patriotic affair. Drink your beer in style with our Light Up Pilsner Glass with Red White Blue Lights,  It's also great for kids to drink their soft drinks.


After Fourth of July Use them for Political Rallies

These red white and blue light up wands are great for the Fourth of July, but election season is approaching and these are a great way to show your support for your favorite candidate too. Light up your wand and hold it high over your head on the fourth, then bust it out again when you hit that rally.

Accessorize Brightly

Be sure to accessorize your patriotic outfit with fancy light up trinkets. On the fourth you'll want to mix and match, red white and blue light up sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets and hats with your three piece Uncle Sam suit. Light up accessories take that patriotic costume to the next level.